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Jun 06 2024

Moonbats Hate Whites and Humans in General

Moonbats hate Caucasians. Don’t take my word for it. Ask a Hollyweirdo — like Amandla Stenberg, leading actress in Disney’s latest Star Wars excretion, who proclaimed that “white people crying was the goal” of a previous movie:

Note the exaggerated guffaw by host Trevor Noah, who presumably was given his position by white people as a reward for not being white. Most everyone in the entertainment industry, which was created by and mainly consists of white people, agrees that white people deserve to be hurt. These days race hate is largely self-directed.

The hatred extends to the entire human race. Hatred of humanity is the impetus behind the global warming hoax. In ultraleft fever swamps like the United Nations, they are increasingly open about it:

If we could just engineer a virus to kill not only whites but every human being on earth, that would solve even the most imaginary problems. The climate would be delighted. No doubt Bill Gates is working on it.

On tips from Wiggins and ABC of the ANC.


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