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Feb 02 2018

Moonbats Lay Siege to Churchill-Themed Cafe

Moonbats invade a cafe.

America isn’t the only country whose greatest heroes are denounced and defiled as progressives frog-march them toward the Memory Hole. In Britain, not even Winston Churchill is off limits:

Halimo Hussein, 24, stormed the Blighty UK cafe in Finsbury Park, north London, and urged customers to boycott it for ‘colonialism’ and chanted ‘Churchill was racist’.

The politics student, who is the co-president of Equality and Liberation at SOAS, University of London, later asked the owner to apologise to the local community.

Imagine what would happen to Ms. Hussein if there had been no Churchill, and she led a mob of moonbats into a cafe in Nazi-occupied Britain to denounce Adolf Hitler.

This apparent attempt to drive off his customers hasn’t been the only headache for owner Chris Evans, who was…

…forced to remove a giant mural of Churchill after it was daubed with graffiti which branded the former prime minister ‘scum’ and ‘imperialist’.

Mr Evans said: ‘If you cannot celebrate Britain and great Britons you are just erasing history. And if you cannot celebrate Churchill, you cannot celebrate anyone.’

Erasing history is the point. As for celebrating anyone, that is not the purpose of progressivism, despite the villains it lionizes (e.g., Che Guevara, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela). It is a wrecking ball, useful only for destroying.

Halimo Hussein’s presence in the U.K. is a gift from Somalia. It will surprise no one to learn that she is “an avid Labour supporter and Jeremy Corbyn fan.” Along the same lines, she backs the #RobThisEngland movement, which is “committed to not paying for services and goods.”

On a tip from Artfldgr.

47 Responses to “Moonbats Lay Siege to Churchill-Themed Cafe”

  1. ICEvictim says:

    now where’s your average football hooligan when you need some??

  2. grayjohn says:

    They aren’t fit to lick the dust off Churchill’s boots

  3. THOUGHTCRIMINAL2084 says:

    Surely a Lenin Cafe would be celebrated. Images of 100 Million Ethnic Europeans being sadistically tortured to death by being starved, frozen, shot, beaten disemboweled and boiled alive for soup as well as far worse acts beyond comprehension would bring smiles to these protestors and give concrete example of the kind of “love” they want to bring the Western World.

    Churchill was wrong to resist. He saved England from Germania but could not save it from Marx and themselves.

  4. Grumpy Cat says:

    Or chew on a fossilized dog turd he stepped on.

  5. littlefish says:

    Muslims at work , funny how they don’t realize England is an island .

  6. Mack says:

    Mohammedans were Nazi tools, remember. Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem were pals.

  7. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Without Churchill, the UK would have fallen to the Nazis. It would be inhabited by Nazis today…..

    Oh…wait….it is inhabited by Nazis.

  8. Jodie says:

    The tentacles of George Soros are far reaching.

  9. Betty says:

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  12. SolidusRaccoon says:

    Well of course the Mussies hate Churchill. The Mussies were partners with Hitler.

  13. Occam's Stubble says:

    If I had been the owner of the cafe, I would’ve stood on a chair and said “Any patron who throws food at these people eats free today.”

  14. BPatMann says:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you have enjoyed this evening’s dinning entertainment….”

  15. I'mTheInfuriator'sHubby says:

    Dining. Moron.

  16. BPatMann says:

    Oh my gosh! I typed a typo! Oh, the humanity!

  17. BPatMann says:

    Not in the least.

  18. I'mTheInfuriator'sHubby says:


  19. BPatMann says:

    You’re very welcome my good ma…. um… er… uh… person.

  20. George Lortz says:

    Another argument against English gun control.

  21. I'mTheInfuriator'sHubby says:


  22. BPatMann says:

    Coming from a person who, last week, thought he was Napoleon.

  23. I'mTheInfuriator'sHubby says:

    Link? Proof?

  24. BPatMann says:

    Is that really the best you can come up with?

  25. I'mTheInfuriator'sHubby says:

    Well, show me. Or were you trying to make a funny? Bless your pointed head.

  26. Frank says:

    Why do libtards enjoy listening to silly rants, then repeating them aloud. Are they comforted by regressing to third grade exercises?

  27. George Young says:

    The grand mufti sat out WWII in Berlin. Muslims were and are nazi sympathizers.

  28. Freddie Sykes says:

    Churchill was a right bastard when dealing with the Irish but just the ticket for dealing with Hitler. it was always better to have him on your side when the chips were down. He was an imperfect man but, if you want perfect, sell your clothes and hope that you get into heaven.

  29. cieran58 says:

    Halimo Hussein—a muslim Somali immigrant, not surprising, at least she did not begin to stab the patrons. Love how all her little minions had to have preprinted scripts so they could get their chanting right. Of course they hate Churchill– he classified their type of people accurately many years ago —

  30. JackisBack says:

    Too bad Ms Hussein and her family were not tortured by Uday and Qusay and left for dead

  31. Nick Testa says:

    And you can bet if this was 75 years ago when Churchill was alive, he would have made a hilarious quip then preceded to smack the shit out of that kid…

    The only reason why these degenerates get away with their stupidity is because people tolerate it… If you don’t do anything about it they will continue to disrupt peoples lives while making wild accusations.

    Someone should have got up benevolently and politely walked over to the young woman then given her a smack across the face as hard as they could then went back to their meal as if nothing happened.

  32. Saxon Warrior says:

    And snowflakes everywhere would melt…..

  33. Saxon Warrior says:

    Most of them were castrated years ago by Feminism and Political Correctness.

  34. gregtuco says:

    “I may be drunk, madam, but in the morning I shall be sober and you will still be ugly.”

    Somewhat of topic but I couldn’t resist one of my favorite quotes from the Great One himself.

  35. gregtuco says:

    Good point. There is a very obstinate faction of male Brits who don’t put up with this kind of behavior. That same mentality also exists in Australia (some of the most toughest, no BS guys I’ve ever met, BTW). It’s a shame to think that the political correctness disease is doing away with that. I’d like to believe that a British grassroots revolution is in the making with someone like Tommy Robinson in the lead.

  36. ICEvictim says:

    I’d buy tickets to that, ha ha.

  37. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Hot damn, it’s Adam Schiff’s mother!!!

  38. Ol' Uncle Lar says:

    Lady Astor to Churchill, “Winston, if you were my husband , I’d poison your tea”
    Churchill, “If you were my wife, I’d drink it!”

  39. Sean says:

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  40. Corinne says:

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  41. TrojanMan says:

    Went to the Churchill War Room in London today. I am sure in the not too distant future they will demand the removal of his statue by parliament. A pic I took yesterday.

  42. magic1114 says:

    I wonder if these worm eaten dipshits know that if it weren’t for Churchill they’d all be goose stepping and watching over their shoulder for the Gestapo? Probably not…

  43. magic1114 says:

    Just a note: Himmler made that bastard a Gruppenfuhrer and Otto Skorzeny taught him terrorist tactics. May they both burn forever.

  44. Floridian says:

    But Churchill was a “racist” by their standards. After all, the man was quite sane.

  45. JackisBack says:


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