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Aug 15 2018

Moonbats Learn Ultimate Lesson on Bicycle Trip to Doom

Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, 29-year-old meat-eschewers who graduated from pricey Georgetown University, escaped from the tedium of their responsible lives. Their boring office jobs caused them to miss too many sunsets, so instead of getting married and starting a family, they set off on a bicycle trip that took them through a long list of countries in Africa and Europe and into Turkey…

From there, another flight took them to Kazakhstan. They biked through Kyrgyzstan and entered Tajikistan.

That’s where reality finally caught up with them, as it always does in the end.

[F]ive ISIS members deliberately plowed their car into the two adventurers, killing them…

A couple days later, the Islamic State released a video in which the attackers posed with an ISIS flag and vowed to kill disbelievers.

The cancelation of all future sunsets must have come as a big surprise to Austin:

“With…vulnerability,” he wrote, “comes immense generosity: good folks who will recognize your helplessness and recognize that you need assistance in one form or another and offer it in spades.”

Austin worked among other moonbats at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Deliberately making yourself vulnerable can get you whatever you might demand within the realm of moonbattery. Outside that realm is a different story.

According to Austin’s ideology,

“Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own.”

Actually, evil is very real. It flourishes thanks to the naivety of moonbats like Austin, who also believed that elephants may be wiser than humans and who dismissed the concept of property ownership as “Eurocentric values.” He despised Thanksgiving and America in general.

Maybe Austin became wise himself in the last moments of his wasted life. No doubt his girlfriend became wise enough to wish she hadn’t let him talk her into this.

By then it was too late to apply the lesson that they paid so much to acquire. At least others can learn from the example.

Not readers of the New York Times though. Commenters on this story regard the dead fools as heroes.

On a tip from 1-Bodhisattva.

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