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Nov 06 2013

Moonbats Make Ms. Marvel Muslim

You need a strong stomach to be a kid these days. The push to instill political correctness through comic books has created a female Muslim superhero:

Marvel Comics is bringing Ms. Marvel back as a 16-year-old daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in Jersey City named Kamala Khan.

Here’s what Ms. Marvel used to look like:

Ms Marvel

Not very politically correct, what with the white skin and even blonde hair. But that’s been fixed.

The reengineered Ms. Marvel isn’t the first attempt by the comics industry to promote Islam:

DC Comics last fall relaunched its “Green Lantern” series with Simon Baz, an Arab American and Muslim. … Marvel Comics has Dust, a young Afghan woman whose mutant ability to manipulate sand and dust has been part of the popular X-Men books. DC Comics in late 2010 introduced Nightrunner, a young Muslim hero of Algerian descent reared in Paris.

Jersey City is a suitable home for Kamala Khan, having a large Muslim population. That’s where the first World Trade Center attack originated. But Ms. Muslim Moonbat Marvel won’t have to worry about any unwelcome attention if she crosses the Hudson River into Lower Manhattan. New York’s incoming communist mayor has proclaimed, “I will ban all surveillance and profiling of Muslims.” The WTC is all forgotten now.

Give it another few years and the moonbats who create comic books will have Kamala Khan striking heroic blows against capitalism and Islamophobia by using her superpowers to steer airliners into office towers.

They don’t make superheroes like they used to.

On tips from Dean D, Lyle, and Bill T.

25 Responses to “Moonbats Make Ms. Marvel Muslim”

  1. whotothewhat says:

    So she does not wear a bullet proof Burqa? Whats her super power education? And let me guess her arch enemy is White Christian Man.

    The male version had a goat as a side kick.

  2. rex freeway says:

    How are they even in business? People really buy this crap? Seriously, this magazine has to be circling the shitter as i type.

  3. no boobs either. It will never catch on with the 12-14 year old boy demographic. They can publish all they like, but unless they tie it into Obamacare, they can’t make consumers buy it.

  4. profiler says:

    Her superpower… she can drive…

  5. deepred says:

    An empowered Muslim female, sounds like an oxymoron to me. Is her father dead? If so at least she’s safe from an honor killing.

  6. Columba says:

    They’re going to get into trouble with the local imam. Her arms are bare and her hair is uncovered. Haram!

  7. MicahStone says:

    …of course, she still must walk several paces behind a man, she can’t go out in public without a male relative with her, she is subject to random beatings by her male relatives for any reason if they wish to let off steam, and she must always wear a flesh-colored costume since she is not allowed to show any skin in public. Aside from all that, she’ll be a true super-duper hero to the lunatic-left.

  8. Doug says:

    Sounds good, until her ultra-orthodox daddy finds out she’s been cavorting with Kufir. He then douses her with gasoline and sets her on fire. How about that multi-culti diptard liberals?

  9. Chicken Pickens says:

    Quit reading, or more importantly, buying comic books in the 90s because of the PC drivel they were selling back then. I am not surprised by any of this, the medium has long since moved from boys’ entertainment to indoctrination of the editor’s personal political agenda. Stick to the classics like Lee and Kirby. Much much better than anything being produced today.

  10. Chicken Pickens says:

    Understanding the comments ridiculing the concept, but there is no need for the publisher to interject realism into the story. The idea is to enamor young people with Islam, especially to a fictional Islam. It is poison pure and simple. In the 90s they were pushing the acceptance of homosexuality, gun control, and the rejection of the idea of American exceptional-ism. Look at our society today…

  11. Jester says:

    Keep feeding that crocodile, guys… keep on feeding him…

  12. Mannie says:

    Let the Fatwas begin.

  13. Clingtomyguns says:

    The first issue will feature Kamala allowing her 19-year old half-cousin Omar to perform her FGM (female genital mutilation) ceremony so that she will be deemed fit to marry him and so that she can do her part to help refute the American infidel’s “unjustified” criticism of the practice. Jersey police will be eating donuts and watching the ceremony.

  14. YERMOM182 says:

    issue 12 where her dad honor kills her will be awesome.

  15. Storyteller says:

    She deserves what she gets the slut. Walking around with exposed arms. She deserves what she gets.

  16. jack says:

    Self hating Jews at Marvel lick the sandals of their Muslim masters.

  17. grayjohn says:

    Maybe one of the other super heroes will rape her. Then her family will honor kill her and behead the artists who drew her.

  18. jeigheff says:

    The “S” on her chest and the “S” in the words “MS. Marvel” look a lot like the double “SS” characters used by the Waffen SS of Nazi Germany, do they not?

    Considering the high esteem in which Nazi Germany is held by Muslims who hate Israel, I don’t think this is a weird coincidence.

    Marvel Comics has really shamed itself this time. Why, why? Who on earth wants to read this kind of garbage? Not even Muslims, I reckon.

  19. AnalogMan says:

    … striking heroic blows against capitalism and Islamophobia by using her superpowers to steer airliners into office towers.

    Well, at least it’s more credible than the official version.

  20. Guy23 says:

    Here is the creator and author of the NEW ms marvel

    View here in her Hijab glory

  21. Guy23 says:

    Ohhhh. Hahahahaah

    There is more!

    Sooraya Qadir, or Dust, was introduced in 2002. She was raised in Afghanistan and continuously stands up for her rights as a Muslim, wearing the niqab and refusing to renounce her faith despite pressure from other X-Men.

  22. Logic_Mine says:

    Able to drive a whole mile without a male counterpart before being yanked out of her automobile by the Sharia Police!

    Super MUSLIM MS MARVEL!….. Able to marry at the age of only 6 years old! (Of course that’s an arranged marriage.)

    Yes, Super MUSLIM Ms Marvel!…. No Western Religion can defeat her super powers of being “OFFENDED” and making it somehow an attack on her existence !

    MS MARVEL!…. SUPER MUSLIM !. ….. Equipped with her custom made suicide belt!…Coming to a public place near YOU!

    (Seriously, how the hell do they think they are going to make THIS a super hero besides selling their comic in the Middle East?)

  23. BigTom says:

    I used to love Marvel Comics. Stan Lee is probably at least partly responsible for my love of books & my vocabulary. Marvel was Marvelous. Now is is infiltrated with this crap. Ms Marvel is … Ms Marvel. The genius’ at Marvel couldn’t design a new heroine, they had to sneak this in, sort of infiltration style, and assimilate a supposedly indestructible heroine? Well, that’s what islam is doing to this country.

  24. Jacob Blaustein says:

    Yes because all Muslims are fundies like all Christians want to blow up abortion clinics.

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