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Sep 18 2011

Moonbats on Parade

Yesterday moonbats flapped out of their caves and gathered in Lower Manhattan to register their opposition to the last remnants of the economic freedom that made our way of life possible. Here they are seen trudging like lice-infested cattle from Wall Street, which they were frustrated in their attempts to occupy, toward Zuccotti Park:

Despite this mighty show of force, the US Armed Forces haven’t been disbanded, and private property hasn’t been abolished. Comrade Obama must be saving those moves for his second term.

The moonbats bedded down for the night in the park. They still hope to occupy Wall Street. Hopefully a call has been put in to the Orkin Man.

On tips from Mary and Henry.

33 Responses to “Moonbats on Parade”

  1. Kevin R. says:

    Since capitalism is simply what happens when people are free and enjoy liberty, what they are actually saying is that they are against freedom and liberty. And since freedom and liberty are the very foundation of civilization, what they would do if given the opportunity is destroy civilization and everything that makes life worth living.

    Those people are lower than the lowest low-life scum.

  2. TaterSalad says:

    It is the “left” that betrays American values, traditions and America itself, not the right. Lets start with Obama’s faults, records and history before we attack any conservative, male or female. It is about time!

  3. Alan says:

    Um, yesterday was Saturday. The NYSE – and most government offices – were closed.

    Back to school tomorrow, childen.

  4. fedupbloke says:

    If they can’t even get their chant right, they’re doomed to remain the failures that they are. As any good lefty knows, it should be; “the workers united, can never be defeated.” But obviously work doesn’t count for much in their philosphy.

  5. kiplingsburdens says:

    Filthy Communists.

    Funny to see one of the dirty hipsters wearing a “Revolution Now!” t-shirt. If the first shots are fired, that little pansy would be pissing himself, sucking his thumb and crying “Mommy.”

    But seriously, Wall Street criminals vs dirty hipsters? Who do you root for? Can’t they just kill each other off?

  6. SolidFPlus says:

    They say “people” instead of “workers” because none of them have jobs.

  7. wingmann says:

    Pssst…the markets are closed sat/sun.

  8. Adam says:

    “The moonbats bedded down for the night in the park.”
    Let me guess: By the time this is all over, the park will look like a gigantic garbage dump, littered with beer bottles, cigarette butts, used condoms, and God knows what else everywhere, all by these moonbats who undoubtedly claim to be devoted environmentalists.


    The vermin crawl out from under their rocks to march around wave their signs in the air scream their mindless tommy rot at the citizens then crawl back under for their meals or rotten acorn WHERE THE ORKIN MAN?

  10. Logan's Never Empty Fork says:

    Encourage them to keep it up. Have they decided what their demand is going to be, yet?

  11. mkultra says:

    In the conflict between NY moonbats and Manhattan wharf rats, my money will be on the vermin. And, just to be clear, I mean the four legged variety.

  12. Logan's Never Empty Fork says:

    May they get bedbugs and body lice.

  13. mkultra says:

    They’re bringing their own lice.

  14. GoY says:

    Apparently, the plan to “Occupy Wall Street” was something of a FAIL.

    It’s interesting the people that bitterly cling to socializm no matter how often or how completely it fails.

  15. Uncle Joe Liberty says:

    So Halloween came early to NY this year. Looks like some folks trying to relive Obama’s childhood. What if they had a protest and no one came? Hee hee hee hee……..

  16. Sexy Snake-Eyes says:

    I can practically smell the B.O. from here…

    And, white people with ‘dread locks’? Really? REALLY?

    I know it’s ‘shallow’ but, I could only spot a few lookin’ Leftoids in the bunch [and the ones who were ‘passable’ actually looked like they weren’t even sure why the were there rotfl]. Is that why they are all so angry? Is ‘ugly’ going to be the next ‘protected’ class of people discriminated against?

    Really, you anti-fuglyites! We need more fugly people modeling and in commercials and selling ‘beauty’ products. Power to the FUGLY PEOPLE! FUG UP!

    There’s a twilight zone episode about this…”The eye of the beholder”…


  17. Hail The Amberlamps! says:

    Hey Ferretface Bloomberg, howz that rioty thing goin’ for ya? Stinkin’ Bolshevik Obama surrogate weasel-faced dipshit.

  18. Roflcoper down says:

    Smelly hippies have the right to free speech and to asemble peacefully, just like the rest of us. When they turn into anarchist property destroyers like they did in Seattle for the WTO meeting, then they have crossed the line. Until then, Im long on proctor and gamble, maker of fabreeze.

  19. Mr. S says:

    A bunch of rich white suburban college kids protesting capitalism, what a joke. How about spending the money your parents saved for you for college and donating it to charity?? The believe their soo oppressed.

  20. Hedgehog says:

    What? No Bill Ayers? No Bernadine Dohrn? No Mike Klonsky? Mark Rudd? Wade Rathke? Frances Fox Piven? You remember dear Frances:”Why aren’t people out in the streets? Where is the outrage”? What, no union goons? No Black Panthers? I guess the A Team was busy. Or maybe they just wanted the useful idiots to show who is really down with the movement by sleeping on the sidewalk. They pulled this nonsense back in the sixties, and they got about as much traction. Losers.

  21. Joe says:

    The whiney babies think if they don’t get everything they want, they’re oppressed. Wah! I never got everything I wanted in life, so I think I should be able to retire early and let you crybabies support me forever. How’s that sound?

  22. Hedgehog says:

    I want to see video of Trumpka and Piven, eanch carrying a shelter half, and pitching it and buttoning it up, and crawling into it for the night. I really want to see Trumpka trying to squeeze his fat bloated ass into a shelter half. I’d like to hear an audio tape of him and dear Frances as they snuggled up for the night. And I would hope that if they are really “down for the struggle”, that they would be there for the duration. Frances? Are you down? Trumpka? Are you down? Come on! Get down on the sidewalk with the peeps. I can’t wait. Bill? Are you there? Bernadine? Anyone? None of you evil bastards going down on the sidewalk? I wonder why.

  23. Hedgehog says:

    Have a contest. What Communist couple (or other combination) should spend the night on the sidewalk together? Think of the possibilities.

  24. Hedgehog says:

    Well it doesn’t matter. You are all going to be farting dust soon. Thank God!

  25. Roflcoper down says:

    Not sure what ” farting dust” is, but I sounds renewable so lets give someone $500m dollars to explore how to reduce the carbon emissions when it’s made? I should be making policy for Barack.

  26. Mickey Shea says:

    Zucotti Park, heh heh. I used to live across the street from that park. Pretty tiny park, that one. Must not have been that many moonbats. Watch out for the rats, moonbats.

  27. Jack Bauer says:

    Wow, quite a video.

    …..could be subtitled: “March of the terminally stupid, ignorant, lazy, and chronically hand-out dependent”.

  28. SR says:

    Useful idiots! A little soap and water wouldn’t hurt.

  29. TrojanMan says:

    Can you just imagine the horrible smell a couple of thousand of hippies all in the same place would generate…. YUK 🙁

  30. well now says:

    Looks like a combination of the NYU freshman class and a bunch of Thompkins Square Park acid burn-outs from 1967. I’ve seen more Black people at my last Tea Party rally-so who are the racists here?

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