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Apr 27 2021

Moonbats Versus Meat

Moonbats sneeringly crow that rumors of Biden’s handlers radically restricting our meat consumption are false. Yet it is obvious that eating meat is among the many freedoms they will take away from us as soon as they have the leverage.

Epicurious self-righteously proclaims that it will no longer publish new beef recipes, because beef has been canceled. Government policy is downstream of culture. It’s only a matter of time until leftists ban meat.

No worries; we can just eat synthetic meat instead.

Since money is believed to be free if Big Government spends it, vegan Ezra Klein of the New York Times wants to “launch a moonshot for meatless meat”:

All we need to do is replace the animals, or at least a lot of them. Technologically, we’re closer to that than you might think. What we need is for government to put money and muscle behind the project — just as it’s doing for electric cars and weatherized homes and renewable energy — so that the future happens fast enough to save the present.

Because Biden’s handlers aren’t wasting enough of our money.

Klein bizarrely blames the virus that the ChiComs apparently cooked up at the Wuhan Institute of Virology on meat consumption, giving Big Government another reason to restrict it. Also, meat is mean to animals that only exist because we raise them for food. Worst of all, eating meat causes catastrophic global warming according to liberal dogma.

At its heart, the American Jobs Plan is a climate bill. But there isn’t a dollar for alternative proteins… That’s worse than a mistake. It’s a failure of policy design. Luckily, it’s easily fixed.

Namely, by throwing massive amounts of other people’s money at meat substitutes that only moonbats would be willing to eat. Klein calls $2 billion “laughably small.”

We already have an alternative protein solution. I wonder how many $billions moonbat bureaucrats will throw at me if I tell them about peanut butter.

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