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Sep 15 2019

Moonbats Want Irish Navy to Assist Invasion

American taxpayers spend just under $1 TRILLION per year on a military that does virtually nothing as the border is overrun by invaders from dysfunctional, militarily insignificant hellholes like Guatemala. Could anyone top this for sheer lunacy? Yes: Ireland can and will, if it is up to the Irish Refugee and Migrant Coalition, which wants Ireland to double its already unsustainable annual intake of unassimilable “refugees” from the Third World. The Irish navy is expected not merely to stand down during the invasion, but to actually import the invaders, many of whom are too incompetent to make the trip on their own.

Via the Irish Examiner:

The coalition, involving more than 20 organisations, said the UN Refugee Agency had estimated that 1.44 million people will be in need of resettlement in 2020. …

It also called on Ireland, through the Irish Naval Service, to lead in a new Mediterranean search and rescue mission.

All the invaders have to do is set themselves adrift off the coast of Africa and make themselves helpless; the Irish navy will take the invasion from there. It has supposedly already rescued over 18,000 people.

Try to imagine a WWII in which our enemy is not Japan but some useless basket case of a country. Since the invaders do not have the wherewithal to launch aircraft carriers, we bomb ourselves on their behalf, because not to do so would be racist. That is the level of suicidal insanity we are dealing with here.

This generation may be remembered forever as the one that killed Western Civilization.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair. Hat tip: Refugee Resettlement Watch.

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