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Jul 09 2019

Moonbats Want Us to Stop Washing Clothes

There is no virtue moonbats would not forbid, including cleanliness. They would even have us stop washing clothes. Proclaims fashion designer Stella McCartney,

“Basically, in life, rule of thumb: if you don’t absolutely have to clean anything, don’t clean it.”

With clothes, you are supposed to “let the dirt dry and you brush it off.” This won’t help much with stains, smell, or bacteria, but it signals virtue regarding the environment.

Laura Diáz Sánchez of the Plastic Soup Foundation advocacy group concurs that washing clothes is bad:

“Every time we wash our clothes an average of nine million [plastic] microfibres are released into the environment,” she tells BBC News. “The way we wash our clothes affects this, as well as the way our clothes are made – but the more we wash our clothes, the more microfibres are released.”

Whether a microfiber is as heinous as a microaggression has not yet been determined.

As readers may recall, Chip Bergh, CEO of moonbatty Levi’s, says we should never wash our jeans, but instead put them in the freezer in a scientifically misguided attempt to kill the germs that collect and cause smells. Actually, freezing only preserves the bacteria while making them temporarily dormant.

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