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Dec 13 2018

Moonbattery Reduces Boy Scouts to Brink of Bankruptcy

The Boy Scouts of America represented America at its best: rigorous, clean, self-reliant, godly, patriotic, strong. So progressives set out to destroy it in the name of the LGBT and feminist agendas. Rather than recognize that their very existence depended on pushing back, the Boy Scouts gave ground. Consequently, the campaign to eradicate them is succeeding:

The Boy Scouts of America is considering filing for bankruptcy protection as it faces dwindling membership and escalating legal costs related to lawsuits over how it handled allegations of sex abuse.

If you want to avoid allegations of sexual abuse, it is a good idea to stand up to militant homosexuals who try to bully you into letting them take little boys out in the woods. Refer to the Catholic church to see how much damage sexual deviants can do to both reputation and finances. Obviously, a less supine approach would also help with the dwindling membership.

Participation in the organization’s programs has fallen in recent years, though the group opened some of its programs to girls and transgender boys [i.e., girls whose parents declare them to be boys].

“Though”? What do they mean “though”? Pandering to leftist social engineers is exactly why participation is cratering. That’s why the Mormons, previously one of its largest sponsors, dropped BSA like the runny turd that cowardice in the face of moonbattery has reduced it to.

The Boy Scouts group has drawn scrutiny over its slow pace to become more inclusive, including … lifting a ban in 2015 on gay men and lesbians serving in leadership roles.

Oh, so that’s the problem. They are swirling down the toilet because they have not flushed themselves down the toilet fast enough to please the media. It’s all clear now.

BSA still represents America, as it has for over a century. But now instead of mirroring our health, it mirrors our sickness and decline.

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