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Oct 04 2019

Moonbattery vs Western Medicine

It wouldn’t be evil enough merely to bring about the decline, fall, and demographic eradication of the West. Progressives want to erase all of Western Civilization’s works, so as to reduce the human race to what it would have been had Europeans never existed. Academics call this “decolonization.” Nothing is too malicious or depraved; they even want to destroy Western medicine by gradually corrupting it with lunacy.

Ngaree Blow, described as “a Yorta-Yorta, Noonuccal, Goreng Goreng woman and doctor,” is lent a megaphone by The Guardian:

This week the Australian Indigenous Doctors’ Association is holding its annual conference on beautiful Larrakia country (Darwin) with the theme “Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare”, which frankly is well overdue. Mainstream healthcare systems designed by and for non-Indigenous people are not only less effective than community-controlled health organisations in improving outcomes for our peoples, they can be downright harmful.

Healthcare systems in Australia that are considered “mainstream” are fundamentally colonial organisations: designed, established and informed by Western paradigms and biomedical models of care.

The problem with Western medicine, which along with other Western innovations has at least doubled the human lifespan, is that it only benefits…

…those who will fit within the constraints of the Western worldview of health, including how healthcare is accessed, understood, adhered to and accepted.

The ability to prevent or cure disease is a narrow-minded Eurocentric means of evaluating the efficacy of healthcare.

We need to see a transition from outdated approaches to health, such as those that only focus on the disease or illness, towards an approach that incorporates the whole person as well as their family, community and the social, cultural and environmental determinants that affect wellbeing.

The noble savages who inherit the earth will be so much happier when healthcare has been decolonized, and they can go back to curing cancer by waving bones at each other, then dying toothless of old age at 30.

“Progress” is already underway at medical schools:

We are beginning to see universities championing First Peoples’ leadership in these areas, allowing for a process of decolonising medical curriculum…

Like most moonbattery, the attack on modern medicine is excused in the name of imposing equity:

Equity in healthcare is providing care that meets the needs of all and is inclusive of individual circumstances and values of health.

Everything is relative and subject to deconstruction, even the concept of medical health.

By this definition, equity of ideas or worldviews of health and wellbeing should have mutual respect, without hierarchy of knowledge systems.

You think a cancer treatment that makes the cancer go away is superior. How racist of you. A treatment that celebrates the decolonization of the community is just as good, even if it doesn’t keep the patient alive.

This is an early sign of a rot that will spread throughout medicine. What they accomplished in the art museum, displacing da Vinci with Jackson Pollock, they will do in the hospital. Think of the reduction in harmless carbon emissions as the population declines.

On a tip from Steve T.

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