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May 18 2023

Moonbatty Adidas Ad Brings Breakfast Back Up

Even as Anheuser-Busch scrambles pathetically to stop the bleeding caused by the boycott it provoked by ramming LGBTism down its customers’ throats, other companies march forward off the woke cliff. Next up is Adidas:

Adidas has sparked calls for a boycott after launching a new range of women’s swimwear using what appears to be a man as the model.

“Appears to be” because according to the media’s ideology, if he says he is transsexual, he is not a man, but a trans woman.

The swimsuit range is part of Adidas’s ‘Pride 2023’ collection, and is for sale on the website in the women’s section.

However, the model showing off the swimwear has a hairy chest and a bulge in the crotch area. …

The swimsuit was created by South African designer Rich Mnisi and released to honour Pride Month.

This nauseating absurdity isn’t even original. Belligerently ultraleft Nike has already used the repulsive Dylan Mulvaney to model women’s clothes. But Adidas does score political correctness points for being exceptionally disgusting:

Markets are opening for those smart enough to serve the growing percentage of the population that has had enough moonbattery rammed down its throat by Adidas, Anheuser-Busch, Nike, and the rest of the liberal corporate establishment.

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2 Responses to “Moonbatty Adidas Ad Brings Breakfast Back Up”

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