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May 15 2019

Moral Insanity

The moral insanity of the left is never on more conspicuous display than when the topic is the killing of innocent but inconvenient children.

In the video below, a moonbat proclaims with a straight face that an unborn baby is not a human being. That is conventional insanity, of the type treated at psychiatric hospitals.

Meanwhile, the supremely odious Chris Cuomo desperately clings to the argument that it doesn’t matter if babies are human beings so long as they are not legally regarded as persons. If only they had realized this during the Nuremberg Trials, some Nazis might have escaped the rope.

Craziest of all is the underlying liberal belief that abortion is moral.

Prager is correct that “a good society cannot survive if it calls immoral things moral.” That would be moral insanity.

Absolute moral insanity is what progressivism progresses toward.

On a tip from Lyle.

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