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Nov 26 2023

More Misadventures in Green Transportation

The electric vehicles that leftists subsidize to the hilt with our money and that they intend to force us to drive continue to make no sense.

Exhibit A:

Automaker Stellantis on Wednesday announced a recall of more than 32,000 of its hybrid Jeep Wrangler SUVs because they pose a potential fire risk.

As part of what the company described as a routine review of customer information, Stellantis determined that eight of the hybrid Wranglers had caught fire while they were turned off and parked.

Those foolish enough to have purchased these vehicles rather than real cars are advised by Stellantis not to park them near buildings, because they might burst into flames at any time.

For Exhibit B, David Blackmon guffaws over an Edmonton Journal article entitled, “More than half of Edmonton’s $60-million electric bus fleet not roadworthy.”

The Canadian city purchased 60 electric buses for $1 million each (double the cost of reliable diesel buses) from the green boondoggle Proterra, which has gone Chapter 11, making it difficult to keep the buses running in Edmonton as in Jackson, Wyoming, where the entire fleet does not work.

From the story:

It takes a diesel-powered on-board heater to keep the body of the bus warm. And despite $200,000 in special blankets to keep all those batteries toasty, the Proterra buses are still feeling that northern Alberta chill in their skimpy range.

That’s $3,333 per bus to keep the batteries warm. But still the buses don’t work.

That’s okay; soon electric moonbatmobiles will be mandatory. They will work because bureaucrats will command that they have to work.

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