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Jul 26 2012

More Welfare = More Poverty

The Obama Regime has pushed hard to expand the welfare state, even going so far as to recruit foreigners with Spanish-language food stamp ads and to jettison the work requirement that made welfare reform so successful. As Gerri Willis points out, this is just the tip of the iceberg — and the iceberg is already titanic:

The federal government actually runs 126 separate anti-poverty programs. They’re managed by 13 different agencies. … The federal government runs 33 different housing programs: 21 programs to provide food, eight healthcare programs, 27 cash or general assistance programs. It’s hard to find a government department that doesn’t run an anti-poverty program. All this adds up — and this is just the federal government.

If you also include state and local spending, the government will spend nearly a trillion dollars this year fighting [i.e., subsidizing] poverty. That’s almost the size of the national deficit this year.

You might say it is the reason we have a national deficit, which has grown so huge as to threaten the country’s economic viability.

All this welfare spending adds up to $20,610 for every poor man, woman and child in the country.

For a poor family of three, that’s nearly $62,000 dollars. The poverty line for that family is just $18,500. With this kind of spending, poverty should be wiped out — instead it’s growing.

Today, one in seven Americans is living in poverty. The most in almost two decades. All the while spending is soaring.

As a bright eight-year-old could have intuited even before LBJ’s catastrophic War on Poverty, lavishly subsidizing poverty creates more of it, not less.

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. At this point, anyone who attempts to alleviate poverty with government handouts qualifies as stark raving bonkers.

An apt abode for anyone who expects government handouts to reduce poverty.

On a tip from Mickey Shea.

13 Responses to “More Welfare = More Poverty”

  1. Henry says:

    Define “poverty”…

  2. AC says:

    Our government subsidizes windmills and taxes cigarettes because it wants more green energy and fewer smokers.

    Our government subsidized poverty and taxes income. I’ll let you readers figure out why.

  3. AC says:

    That should read “subsidizes poverty”

  4. MicahStone says:

    “Today, one in seven Americans is living in poverty. The most in almost two decades. All the while spending is soaring.”

    From this statement it’s clear to see why the three things that the lunatic-left FEAR MOST are:

    An accurately informed electorate is the worst nightmare of the d-cRAT socialists.

  5. Jimbo says:

    A liberal will readily tell us that we just aren’t smart enough to understand Obama’s “plan” – we’re too shallow for the endless depth of Obama’s mental intellect – and the reason Obama won’t make his school records public is because either 1) He doesn’t want to ‘show off’, or 2) He had really stupid and shallow professors who gave him terrible grades.

    Of course this is all completely against the undeniable evidence that Obama is an extremely stupid communist.

    So you decide which is right – you believe he’s either the smartest person on the planet or you believe the evidence which indicates he’s the exact opposite.

    I believe the evidence. Liberals lie to much to believe ANYTHING they say.

  6. Momster says:

    15 yrs. ago, working in a school office, I processed the free lunch forms. I got in BIG BIG BIG trouble because I denied someone who had a family income of $3,600 a month free lunches because they exceeded the financial limit (they made more than my husband and I together–and our kids did not qualify for free luncb). They were automatically qualified because they got food stamps, subsidized housing, medicaid, fuel assistance, clothing allowance, etc.etc. AND they got $3,600 in cash on top of all that.

    Things that make you go, “hmmmmm.”

  7. dan says:

    better to live in poverty than
    to be an unwilling participant in the
    Prison Industrial Complex.

  8. Momster says:

    Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that the $3,600 was the total of the family’s SSI (mostly crazy checks).

    After looking into things I came to the following conclusions: (sorry if this is too long–or not long enough):

    IN order to qualify for SSI:
    1. It is hard to get a small kid to feign disability BUT ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) are easy–just raise the kid to be a wild animal–NEVER discipline him/her.

    2. Kid acts natural in school. School personnel recommend shrink.

    3. Parent use Medicaid (not their own money of course)to get appointment with shrink, and shrink signs the paper saying the kid is nuts.

    4. Parent brings shrink paper to school–kid gets put in Special Ed. (costs more than educating regular kids).

    5. Because the kid now has an IEP (Individual Ed Plan) he/she qualified for SSI.

    6. Because family (mom can feign inability to work and get on SSI, too) is on SSI they qualify for all the things mentioned above.

    7. Kid finally gets too old to be in school (after disrupting classes for 13+ year so MY kids had a harder time getting THEIR education).

    8. Kid now on street, never having learned anything that would suit them for life in the real world…why would they ever need THAT.

    9. Kid finds his/her SSI payment no enough to live the good life so turns to protitution/drugs/other crime to fill out the finances.

    10. City has to hire more police.

    11. Courts have to hire more personnel.

    12. Correctional/Probation Depts have to hire more personnel.

    13. My property values (due to crime) go down and taxes go up.

    Folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    It all started with welfare reform–the politicians of both parties bragged about getting people off welfare–

    Sorry for the length.

  9. Crankycanard says:

    That’s just what we need at this point- A spineless establishment crybaby drunk in charge of the purse strings 🙁

  10. A. Levy says:

    Human nature is such that the more you give people, especially when they see it as being “free”, (welfare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.) the more they want. This is especially true when “those people” have been trained, generation after generation, that all they need do is demand to get for free, those things that others have worked hard to earn. This is what a weak and gullible population has allowed America to become.

    Now you can see why “USA” should be replaced by, “FUBAR”.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It wasn’t Einstein…it was Rita Mae Brown. Although I agree with MoonBattery philosophies, little mistakes like this hurts credibility.

    Check twice, post once.

  12. Charlie White says:

    Regardless of who made the quote about insanity, I agree with the point of this thread, therefore his credibility is in tact with me. Something as trivial as an error in who made what unrelated comment shouldn’t hurt credibility. The logic that taking money from one person in the form of taxes and giving it to another somehow creates more wealth out of thin air is preposterous, especially when there are administrative costs. It’s like physics for money. In every transfer of energy, you have energy loss. It might not be too far fetched to consider that maybe the plan is not to alleviate poverty, but to create dependence, while sucking the nation’s wealth to the top of the pyramid. I dunno. Might be something to think about….

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