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May 16 2019

Morrissey Pin Enrages Liberal Mob

Where there is life, there is hope of redemption. Once Morrissey was known for fronting a pretentious wimp-rock band and wailing that meat is murder. He has compared eating a normal human diet to pedophilia and the Holocaust. More recently, however, he has enraged liberals with countermoonbattery (see here and here). Now he has the moonbat establishment desperately clutching at its pearls:

“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” is in hot water over an outfit choice made by a guest performer.

British musician Morrissey appeared on the NBC late-night talk show to perform — and he took the stage wearing a far-right pin on his lapel.

The pin expressed his support for For Britain, which liberal dhimmis denounce on Cultural Marxist grounds for wanting to preserve “the culture and values of the decent British majority.”

Many viewers took to social media to air their grievances about allowing Morrissey to wear the pin. …

Some others also brought up Fallon’s interview with Donald Trump in 2016, during which he touched the then-GOP presidential candidate’s hair.

“Surprised jimmy fallon didn’t tousle this mf’s hair,” said a user.

At this point, it isn’t enough to denounce a thought criminal. To prove your political correctness, you must denounce anyone who allows a thought criminal’s viewpoint to be heard. Jimmy Fallon is in for it now.

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