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Sep 27 2012

Most Absurd Items for Sale at Obama Website

The Blaze performed a remarkable feat by narrowing the field down to the 14 most absurd things for sale on the Obama website. But will go further, digging through all the kitschy crapola to the single most absurd item:


Why is this relatively tasteful scarf more absurd even than an Obama birth certificate coffee mug or an Obama logo/bones-patterned doggy sweater? Because it cost a staggering $95. They seem to have sold out. Fools and their money are easily parted.

As for the item that best sums up the grotesque cultural deformation that has reached its apogee in Obama…


On a tip from The Only Other Conservative in Seattle.

18 Responses to “Most Absurd Items for Sale at Obama Website”

  1. MicahStone says:

    “…it cost a staggering $95. They seem to have sold out.”
    …I’m guessing that it was available for purchase using a food stamp card – so it was actually bought with “other peoples’ money.”

  2. Jester says:

    Wow. Our little tin god has his very own Keffiyeh now. How quaint, yet appropriate.

  3. Wilberforce says:

    Ugh…it’s everywhere. “Look at me! This is what I stand for! I’m a willfully branded sheep without an identity of my own!”

    Who says they wouldn’t readily accept a Mark, a tattoo, or a nose ring like a bull lead unto death.

    Just like the new housing developments that their souls crave; pre-fab from a blueprint, no history, plastic through-and through, the color of oatmeal, etc. The U.S. population have become their own new reflexive architecture. Indistinguishable from the things the worship and subsequently purchase.

  4. Geeknerd says:

    Last weekend I saw a Romney bumper sticker on a Prius, in Sacramento, CA. All is not lost.

  5. greaterthepete says:

    Do they have an Obama 2012 shemagh??

  6. jc14 says:

    I might go $1.99 for the keffyieh (it’s not a scarf), for the historic value (looking back on the worst thing that ever happened to America). Why not just put HAMAS RULES all over the thing, along with OBAMA 2012? Would make perfect sense to me . . .

  7. PabloD says:

    I hope (1) the scarf is made in America, and (2) the owner is taking a share of the profits and donating it to the Romney campaign and/or the NRA.

  8. Alphamail says:

    The baby sleeper with the two dads logo is symbolic of evil.

    How has America descended so near to hell?

    The baby’s first erection is surely their altar – closeted demented latent pedophiles.

    Demon-possesed rancid scurrilous pusbags.

    ……Yeh, next time I’ll tell ya how I really feel.

  9. AZRon says:

    I’m guessing that most of these will be (EBT) worn as a do-rag.

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  11. TED says:

    “Hi Friend,

    I just wanted to let you know that some knucklehead vandalized your Scarf by slapping an Obama LOGO on it! The last thing you want is to be WALKING around all day, looking like an idiot!

    Take Care, A Good Samaritan.”

  12. TED says:

    The fact that “2 dads” has the ability to possess a child is an absolute sign the the end is near! NOT to mention down right sickening!

  13. Doug says:

    What, no used diapers to go with?

  14. Duke says:

    This has long been Obozo’s way of laundering money.

    Ask yourself the question: How could these worthless items be sold-out at $95 each? Here’s the answer: It’s how Obozo gets foreign contributions to his campaign under the radar. No one has to specify that they’re a U.S. citizen in order to buy this worthless junk.

    In the ’08 campaign he did the same thing with T-shirts sold to our enemies in the middle east. He garnered tens of thousands of dollars last time around, and he’s probably raking in hundreds of thousands this time.

  15. ant says:

    Wow, lefties think prime-time, network sit-coms are a slice of real life….why am I not surprised?

  16. Cameraman says:

    The got the Color Wrong..should it not be Green and White for the Palinstines? To Honor Yasser Arafat!

  17. AndyPandy says:

    Whaaaaaaaat? No double-headed obama dildos?! One named Pelosi and the other Biden? What kind of marketing “misfire” was that?!

  18. Logic Mine says:

    Sure that isn’t a ISLAMIC KAfir? or whatever they call it?

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