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Jul 14 2020

Mostly Peaceful Protesters Go After Virgin Mary

Other than moonbattery, nothing is sacred to the Black Lives Matter/Antifa terrorists who have been laying waste to public manifestations of Western Civilization — not even the Virgin Mary:

A vandal spray-painted “IDOL” across the skirt of a Virgin Mary statue in Elmhurst, Queens, early Friday, police said.

Decent people will find the sight heartbreaking:

The statue was desecrated at the Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary.

It isn’t just New York:

We can expect more of the same. Shaun King, who is the best-known Black Lives Matter leader despite his conspicuously pale skin, has called for an attack on Christian imagery and statuary, which he regards as racist.

What we are witnessing as society panders to the demands of these people is the triumph of evil.

On a tip from Rapinhoe.

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