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Jul 30 2020

Mostly Peaceful Seattle Rioters Caught With Weapons and Explosives

The official lie, promulgated ad nauseam by the liberal establishment media, is that only a few of the rioters are rioters, the rest of the rioters being peaceful protesters who did not realize that the nine hundred forty-eleventh riot would turn out to be a riot. At a media briefing yesterday, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best adhered to the policy as best she could:

“Since July 19th, we have seen three protests where individuals have embedded themselves and they were particularly destructive and violent inside the peaceful group. Last Saturday a group of protesters went to the Youth Service Center where people within the group threw incendiary devices, [M]olotov cocktails, into a construction site which resulted in several trailers being destroyed by fire.”

Her account of the peaceful protest continues:

“The group went from the construction [site] to the East Precinct. A van that was closely following the group arrived at the precinct with the group. People were seen removing items and distributing them to people within the group. These items were described as baseball bats, pyrotechnic explosives, APR respirators, improvised shields, and face masks.”

No doubt the baseball bats and explosives were of the peaceful variety, although not long afterward, the protesters blasted an 8″ hole in the wall of the East Precinct.

Police searched the van:

“The search yielded, one, pyrotechnic explosives, smoke bombs bundled together and unlit, but able to cause large amounts of smoke that are caustic to humans, bear spray, using it on anything but bears is a federal offense, pepper spray, stun guns, improvised spike strips.”

Best noted that 59 police officers were injured in Saturday’s riot.

Even Seattle Mayor and Black Lives Matter supporter Jenny Durkan admitted that the protests are not 100% peaceful:

“Peaceful protests are good for our city and good for our country,” said Durkan, “but in our city it is also a truth that arson, destruction, and violence have occurred and they undermine the push and need and voice for systemic change.”

She also admitted that BLM/Antifa goons intimidate journalists. But the important thing is the push for systemic change, so that America can be transformed to meet the rioters’ demands.

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