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Oct 12 2018

Motorist Attacked by Portland Mob Could Be Prosecuted

Last weekend Antifa goons were allowed to run amok in Portland, making the streets nearly impassable and bullying an elderly motorist and a woman in a wheelchair. Now Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler et al. are reasserting their authority by asking the hooligans to step forward — but only so that they can serve as witnesses against the terrorized motorist. That’s how things work when moonbats are in charge.

The motorist did turn right through a crosswalk when he didn’t have the light, but evidently because he was terrified (with good reason) of the mob of moonbats who had taken over the streets (without a permit) using as a pretext the usual Black Lives Matter B.S. No one was reported hurt, but his car sustained $3,000 worth of damage after the moonbats set upon it.

Local news coverage of the incident:

On top of the damage to his car, the driver could be in big trouble:

Portland police are seeking witnesses to a collision at Southwest 4th Avenue and Madison Street on Saturday, in which the driver of a silver Lexus slowly pushed through a crowd of protesters crossing the street. …

A spokesman for the bureau says officers may forward evidence to the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office without additional witnesses, but having the pedestrians’ statements might strengthen a case against the driver [if] prosecutors decide to bring one.

The lesson: if you are attacked by the liberal mob in Portland, do not report it to the police or you may be prosecuted.

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