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Jul 09 2018

Mourtala Madou: Beheading the 1-Year-Olds Germans Won’t Behead

Due to information suppression, it sometimes takes months to learn the details of even the most horrific events. An illegal alien from sub-Saharan Africa who repeatedly impregnates a native German would be a heartwarming tale of multicultural harmony that the authorities would love to promote, except for the way the story of Mourtala Madou turned out:

Mourtala Madou, a 33-year-old illegal immigrant from Niger, stabbed his German ex-girlfriend, identified as Sandra P., and their one-year-old daughter, Miriam, at a Hamburg subway station. The child died at the scene; her mother died later, at the hospital. The woman’s three-year-old son witnessed the murders.

Madou was mad because a court would not give him joint custody of the baby he murdered.

Vague media reports did not include relevant details, including Madou’s attempt to decapitate the murdered baby. When local blogger Heinrich Kordewiner discovered video that revealed this and uploaded it to YouTube, he incurred the wrath of the authorities:

A few days later, a team of state prosecutors and officers of the cybercrime unit of the Hamburg police arrived at Kordewiner’s apartment with a search warrant, and confiscated his computer, mobile phone and other electronics, allegedly to find “evidence” of the “crime”.

The crime: uploading the video, presumably because it does not cast mass Third World immigration in a favorable light. An obscure law making it illegal to photograph helpless persons was used as a pretext.

The leftists running Hamburg unwittingly confirmed the attempted beheading in the search warrant, which states that Madou “stabbed the child in the belly and then almost completely cut through the neck.” Nonetheless, official attempts to suppress this information have continued.

Celebrating multiculturalism in Hamburg.

On tips from Manuel R and The Peace President.

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