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Mar 15 2019

MP Wants to Mandate GPS Trackers in Knives

You may be thinking, they are so relentless; maybe if we just give them what they want, they will leave us alone. But giving progressives what they want is the last way to get them to leave you alone, because they will always want more. Say we bypass the incremental chipping away at the Second Amendment and just let them ban guns. Will they rest on their laurels? Of course not. In Britain, having banned guns, they continue to encroach upon knives.

Earlier this week, we were discussing how the supermarket chain Asda will stop selling knives in Britain, probably to forestall government action. As mentioned,

A British judge has suggested banning large pointed kitchen knives. There is a ban on ordering a knife online and having it sent to a residential address. It is illegal in Britain to sell a knife to someone less that 18 years old. Lancashire Constabulary had an amnesty during which people could obey their slogan “Save a Live, Surrender Your Knife” without fear of prosecution.

Since then the insanity has escalated dramatically:

Scott Mann, a member of parliament representing North Cornwall, believes the United Kingdom needs a nationwide database of cutlery complete with GPS trackers embedded in every knife, allowing police to stop anyone carrying one.

Being a Tory, Mann has a libertarian streak; he would generously allow Britons to possess knives while fishing — so long as Big Brother can follow them with the GPS tracker.

There has been a surge in knife crime in the UK, caused by the government importing vast numbers of savages from the Third World while disarming the native population. Three-quarters of the perpetrators of knife crimes are minorities according to the London police.

Rather than back off on the transformation of Britain’s demographics or allow law-abiding citizens to defend themselves with firearms, authorities choose to incrementally ban knives, as if they actually believe this will prevent criminals from possessing them.

Coming soon: mandated GPS trackers in all blunt instruments.

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