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Nov 10 2022

MSNBC Floats John Fetterman for President

You want a real red wave? Let’s try running Ron DeSantis against cognitively disabled left-wing radical John Fetterman, who hot off his triumph over the fellow lefty Mehmet Oz has the backing of the rabid moonbats at MSNBC:

MSNBC host Katy Tur speculated on Wednesday that Pennsylvania Senator-Elect John Fetterman could run for the presidency someday.

Tur may not be alone out on her limb:

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell declared that she had extensive experience with Pennsylvania, and praised Fetterman for making so much progress with voters.

If he also manages to make progress toward stringing together a complete sentence, Fetterman could be hard to beat in the primaries, given that the Democrat bench is so thin that they might have to stick with Biden (assuming Creepy Joe still has a pulse in 2 years).

Biden has shattered the glass ceiling for the mentally disabled. Should he turn up his toes by 2024, he will have paved the way for President Fetterman.

Today the Senate, tomorrow the White House.

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