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Apr 23 2019

MSNBC Harasses Robert Mueller After Easter Services

Not long ago, liberal establishmentarians revered Robert Mueller. They had faith that he would deliver Trump’s head on a platter. Then he let them down by admitting that Trump is not a Russian spy. Now, this is the treatment he gets on his way home from Easter services:

As The Wrap notes,

Mueller has almost never been heard from in any form during the course of his nearly two-year investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

They didn’t seek him out for harassment back when they assumed that he was doing their bidding. Things are different in light of his marathon investigation amounting to nothing worth mentioning, which left the media with the unenviable task of trying to spin trivial transgressions as worthy of impeachment.

Life goes more smoothly when you give progressives what they want.

Mueller is advised to stay away from restaurants, lest he get the same treatment as Kirstjen Nielsen, Sarah Sanders, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, et al.

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