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Nov 19 2012

MSNBC Moonbattery Most Monstrous

On Saturday MSNBC’s Mara Schiavocampo threw this at Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, on the subject of the Hamas terrorists beloved by liberals showering rockets upon Israeli citizens:

“[W]hat would you say to those who argue that the rockets are essentially very ineffective, they rarely do damage and that the response from Israelis is disproportional to the threat they’re under?”

This is while Israelis are getting killed. If the response has been “disproportional,” Israel has erred on the side of mildness.

Apparently not many rockets are fired at MSNBC’s studios — unfortunately.

This now passes for a journalist.

On a tip from Sam Adams.

35 Responses to “MSNBC Moonbattery Most Monstrous”

  1. Drury says:

    Just another of the diversity crowd who AA’d their way into a job they are wholly unqualified to possess. But considering it works at MSLSD, it’s not all that surprising.

  2. IslandLifer says:

    Dumb bitch

  3. Kalashnikat says:

    Mara, take your family and go live there, under the rockets, and then come back and tell us how ineffective they are…they are not entirely intended to destroy physical infrastructure, they are intended to intimidate and terrify. The threat is sufficient.

    It’s like having a neighbor who takes out his rifle and shoots in the general direction of your house…without actually aiming at you or your family…but the threat, the fear, and the danger are real…
    This is not a journalist, this is a hack, flacking for Palestine and for the death of Israel.

  4. Skyfall says:

    The fruits of a pro-socialist, humanist, anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian media and education system are now blossoming.

    There is zero hope of the political system righting itself and returning to the America that we knew. The signs were all there, and most conservatives missed them. It’s too late now.

    Only God can restore things. Perhaps he will. Could also be that it’s not in His plan, in which case no amount of struggle will bring it back.

    One thing we CAN do…we can refuse to participate in the “new” agenda. They depend on hard working people of good will to produce the wealth that they enjoy. As of yet, they cannot force you to do so.

    Although Ayn Rand was an atheist, she sure got it right when she said the producers must go on strike. That is our only option now.

    Stand strong against the enemy!

  5. Ummah Gummah says:


    She looks like someone Petraeus might be interested in.. she should call him for an “interview”.


  6. Skyfall says:

    I should also add “Stand strong with Israel”. America is on the brink of embracing all that is perverse and anti-God (gay marriage, abortion, etc.). The throwing of Israel under the bus will be the last outrage.

    Do not side with or aid (in any way) those that would do this dastardly thing.

  7. T.Walt says:

    If Mexico was launching rockets into the US, or China launched into Japan, or N.Korea into S.Korea, nobody would be talking about “disproportional” responses. Only Israel gets this and they only get it from Islamist-sympathizing liberals. Sick.

    And WhyTF are “journalists” always in Hamas territory reporting on shelling on that end, never in Israel? That was a rhetorical question.

  8. Ummah Gummah says:


    Speaking of phony baloney “journalism”, the recent attacks by Hamas on Israel is being reported as if only retaliation was taking place but Israel had never been attacked.

    We all know of, course, that the anti-Israel media is made up of vile dumb-as-rocks moonbats serving their NWO masters, but this latest “effort” by yet another pro-Hamas support group takes the Cake in Moonbattery. At least for this week:

    In advertising their Hamas Support Rally decrying the Israeli “Murder Of Palestinians” the Hamas… er Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War have posted a picture of a wounded “Gazan” child to tug at the heart strings.

    Heart rending isn’t it? They missed one small detail, it’s a wounded Israeli child, injured in the Hamas rocket attacks on Kiryat Malachi! Nothing done by these terror supporters is too stupid or too despicable to surprise me any more.


  9. Vermin says:

    Why do liberals always used extra words? What purpose does the word essentially serve in that question?

  10. Duke says:

    @Vermin – it makes them think they are essentially very smart, or essentially smarter than you and me, essentially. And it takes the place of the formerly over-used sentence fragment, “you know.”

  11. Highway Hospital Student says:

    She’s still more of a “journalist” (whatever that is these days) than the idiot kissing BO’s ass at his semi-annual moron conference:

    (I think her name is Jane Ugnorantslut)

    If she’s married, I doubt her husband would go near her lips now…not without toilet paper.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’m going to far in characterizing both of them as ignorant and overconfident sluts.

  12. Rocketman Wo Wo says:

    Ok then Mara, I guess we can start shooting ‘ineffective’ rockets into the Hood.

  13. Buffalobob says:

    Just a thought but she sounds like an anti semite.

  14. -Sepp says:

    I guess the easiest way for Hamas to avoid civilian casulties…would probably involve NOT firing rockets into the homes of it’s neighbors.

    I know that if MY neighbor opened fire on MY family, the return fire would be as such a decisive manner that they would be forced to deeply reconsider if shooting at me was really a smart idea to begin with.

    “Disproportionate response” in leftyspeak simply means that there was a response…because we all know that shooting back at those who have vowed to kill you is just being mean!

    “Palestinian rockets don’t do much damage”

    So, what they’re really saying is…

    The crack dealer next door is a pretty bad shot…so IF he shoots at you, you should wait until he hits you or, your kids BEFORE you only aim to wing him…just to be “fair”.

    Anyone who loves life and has the human instinct to defend it and their children’s lives know damned well that as soon as the threat presents itsself, you neutralize it quickly and decisively until there no longer is a threat.
    Anything less is foolhardy and explains why liberals should NEVER be trusted with security.

  15. mimi says:

    she looks like shes hitten the allah snackbar once to often!

  16. Tax Slave says:

    Iron Dome, now where did I first hear about that?

    Oh, yes, Ronald Reagan (peace be upon him!) in his Strategic Defense Initiative speech. The one Lady Thatcher (peace be upon her!) said was instrumental in the downfall of the Soviet Union.

  17. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Would it be “disproportional” for me to suggest that to save one Israeli life, Mrs Schiavocampo be scalded like a hog ?
    Hmmmmmm ?

  18. Vermin says:


    Indeed, essentially.

  19. piston honda says:

    I would respond with the following:

    You stupid skank that is how you win any conflict, you respond in a disproportional manner.

  20. beforethestorm says:

    Look at her! Do you think that she got her job for anything remotely resembling brains or ability and not minority status? Me neither.

  21. Jon Brooks says:

    Look up in the sky! It’s a flying pig? It’s a blazing unicorn? No. It’s Affirmative Action Slut!

  22. Deadpool says:

    Sounds like an affirmative action level comment to me, noting disproportional about that, right?

  23. Bo-Jangles says:

    Look for her to be on Fox as soon as she changes her hair to blonde.

  24. Sam Adams says:

    Typical liberal logic. A deadly weapon is a deadly weapon. A crappy rocket can kill you just as dead as a precision munition.

    Only liberals believe that, in the realm of self defense, it must be a “fair fight.” The only fair fights are the fights you win.

  25. Bob Smith says:

    Blacks are notoriously anti-Jew. How much of that is leftist culture and how much is excessive contact with Islam (Blacks are their biggest recruitment group in the US) I can’t say.

  26. Luke Skywalker says:

    Why do liberals always used extra words? What purpose does the word essentially serve in that question?

    Extra words used extraairily in composing sentences to communicate a message to the recipient proves superior intellect of extraerroreousness of extra word user.

  27. YPAFT says:

    I’m sure the 11-month old toddler that was killed was a terrorist, also don’t forget all the other kids, they were probably running around helping with ammunition!

  28. JNN says:

    Who in this world is dumb enough to take any like this seriously? Can’t people put 2 and 2 together? Ideas from this crowd CREATE third world conditions(IE Detroit) and then celebrate dictators. Oh wait, I almost forgot. She gets her free birth control and other govt. bennies. And they wonder why I don’t take them seriously.

  29. Ghost of FA Hayek says:

    Another way to explain this is liberal justice first identifies Palestinians as the default victims here.
    Therefore they have as much a right to fire upon Israeli citizens as Israel has to defend herself
    Moral relativism dictates that there is no good or evil, therefore we as bystanders have no right to judge them by their actions.
    Turkey came out and called Israel a “terrorist state”
    Remember that what we identify as terrorism is completely legit and even glorified under the terms of Islam (martyrdom)
    So this decree was exclusively created for OUR consumption.
    With this in mind, witness this disgusting spectacle of moral relativism on display

  30. Tchhht!!! says:

    She must have been hit in the head by a scud missle.

  31. -Sepp says:

    When all the jews are gone, Hamas and it’s ilk will undoubtedly go after their 2nd most hated target…liberals.

    I can’t wait to see the look of surprise on liberal’s faces when their “friends” turn on them.

  32. KHarn says:

    “A most savage race; when we shot at them, they fought back!”

  33. Kalashnikat says:

    “I fart rockets in your general direction…”

    Read a little more of the interview, and this lady is clearly a waste of skin…

    I agree with the commenter on the Blaze site who said if Israels response can be considered disproportionate it is much too mild and ended too soon… No civilized country can or should tolerate rockets launched at their population centers, and no one should consider the Palestinians ready for recognition as a state until they lay down their arms and agree to behave like a civilized nation…which it doesn’t appear they are capable of doing.

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