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Mar 03 2024

MSNBC Stokes Hatred of Rural Whites

The supercilious bigotry that characterizes the liberal ruling class is at its most conspicuous at MSNBC, which explicitly eggs on its audience to hate rural whites:

People who enrage liberals merely by existing will inevitably stand accused of rage. Letting such people vote is a threat to democracy.

Of all Thomas Schaller’s bigoted calumnies, accusing rural whites of regarding “violence as an acceptable alternative to peaceful public discourse” in the aftermath of hundreds of Democrat-endorsed urban black riots stands out by achieving a Peter Cahill level of hypocrisy.

Later in the segment, Paul Waldman stumbles onto an accurate if obvious insight by characterizing support for Trump as “a way to essentially give a big middle finger” to himself and the repugnant ruling class he personifies. Lend the authors of White Rural Rage a few IQ points and they might figure out they are effectively campaigning for Trump by highlighting how much the liberal establishment hates regular Americans.

On tips from Wiggins and the Great Cornholio.


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2 Responses to “MSNBC Stokes Hatred of Rural Whites”

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