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Aug 07 2011

Multiculturalism Blossoms in Britain

Great civilizations die by suicide, and nothing could be more heartbreaking to watch — especially when you find yourself on the same path, a short step behind.

Hundreds of mostly young men armed with makeshift missiles hurled bricks and aimed fireworks at riot police against a backdrop of burning vehicles and buildings in north London as what began as a protest became a riot.

The pretext: the death of Mark Duggan, who died in a shootout with police. It doesn’t take much to ignite the imported and welfare-bred tinder in housing projects.

The unrest followed a protest march from Broadwater Farm, a 1960s public housing estate widely known for the killing of Police Constable Keith Blakelock, who was hacked to death during a riot there in 1985.

Before midnight on Saturday, the protest had turned violent, leading to 42 arrests. Police say 26 officers were hurt, including one who sustained a head injury. Two police cars and a double-decker bus were burnt and ”bottles and other missiles” were thrown at police by the crowd, police said in a statement.

By midnight, the crowd had grown to several hundred and thick black smoke hung over the area after several shops were set alight. …

Tottenham is home to a high proportion of poor ethnic minorities with a significant black population. ”How many black people have to die around here?” asked one of the youths, who gave his name as Pablo. ”I hate the police,” he said.

The anarchy even spread to another suburb several kilometres away where looters attacked a shopping centre in Wood Green. Clothing and coat hangers littered the street as young looters smashed the doors and ransacked nearly every shop. …

By 3am, it appeared that parts of the riot zone had spiralled out of police control. A fire raged in a block-long building. More fires raged unabated in narrow streets and alleys.

A group of young men laden with looted groceries sprinted down a side street, screaming, ”Let’s load up!”

The youths seemed to be both jubilant and deadly serious and the street had an almost party-like atmosphere, punctuated by intense violence.

Deranged by moonbattery, Britain opened its doors to reverse colonization. The price will be its future.

The remnants of Great Britain go up in flames.

On a tip from AC.

20 Responses to “Multiculturalism Blossoms in Britain”

  1. AC says:

    That looks to be about what, maybe three-alarm social justice?

  2. wingmann says:

    Ahhhh……those misunderstood utes at work again.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Send the liberals to the front lines – they’re the one’s who caused this crap. Let them go face the fruit of their idiocy eye to eye.

    Freaking liberals spilled the milk – let them try to clean it up. After they’re done the adults can go in and clean up the mess (and it WILL be a HUGE mess – even worse than it is now).

    Anything a liberal touches turns to instant shit. I give you all of history as proof. All of it.


    The pluague of multiculteralism and its reprications becuase of stupid liberals

  5. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    The British were able to survive Hitler’s London Blitz (9/7/40)…because Hitler called off the raids and moved on to invading Russia (5/11/41).

    Sadly, 70 years later, London’s internal Blitz may never end.

  6. Wyatt's Torch says:

    There is another reason, FDR…Britain was fighting back against the Nazis, not providing them welfare, special courts and endless self-defeating PC rules that ensure the bad guys win.

    Look at our future as well…when the communist/progressives stir up the inner cities, rife with Latinos, angry blacks, Moslems and college-educated white punks, this will be L.A., Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philly, Boston…

  7. John Lewis says:

    What ever happened to machine guns and anti-personnel artillery shells?
    It’s a good thing for the rioters that I am not in charge of the London police.

    It wouldn’t even be that bloody – a couple of dozen shot and the rest would cave. And if they didn’t, shoot another couple of dozen.

    After all, that is what is done in Syria every day.

  8. Lgbpop says:

    If the police had any sense, they’d keep the firemen out of the way, and cordon off everything two miles from the center of the rioting – and not let anyone out of the inferno they themselves started. Let them burn to death, or shoot them if they try to escape. A friend of mine in Muswell Hill tells me this Duggan character was a pusher who flaunted his status, shot at the police first and was killed in retaliation and self-defense. The people who live in the area are tired of the way the Jamaicans have trashed the neighborhood, but are largely ignored by the police and the authorities who are tired of offending the PC officials.

    Gee, that sure sounds familiar….

  9. F.D.R. in Hell says:

    @Wyatt’s Torch – “this will be L.A., Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philly, Boston…”

    Hell on Earth, as the old saying goes.

  10. Col. Angus says:

    Here’s another example of a nation’s suicide, and a look at where we are heading…..

  11. SNuss says:

    I came across this most appropriate quote, and thought that I woul;d share it:

    “We are in the process of creating what deserves to be called the idiot culture. Not an idiot sub-culture, which every society has bubbling beneath the surface and which can provide harmless fun; but the culture itself. For the first time, the weird and the stupid and the coarse are becoming our cultural norm, even our cultural ideal.”
    Carl Bernstein, U.S. journalist. Guardian (London, June 3, 1992)

  12. FreedomFux says:

    It’s the culture, stupid.

  13. Joek Loth says:

    Its ironic that Neville Chamberland set England up for failure with his peace agreement with the nazis and now 70 years later the dumbass politically correct,dont want to offend any of the muslim invaders, leaders are letting the counrty go to devastation of civilization mode.
    Its also ironic how people FORGET the history of the conquering muslims@@

  14. Winston Smith says:

    Protesting by burning and looting. How quaint.

  15. Lentenlands says:

    The Rothschilds and their evil banker friends are probably laughing uncontrollably – their evil plan to usher in the nwo of tyranny is working.

  16. A. Levy says:

    Britain is committing suicide. That’s one of the most accurate statements i’ve read in a long time. The Brits are dying from self-inflicted political correctness. Add to that, an immigration policy that is so irrational and insane, that it mirrors the US policy. Did you know that in many parts of London, Sharia Law is not only being practiced, but is “officially” recognized by both the govt. and the church of England? This kind of national weakness hasn’t been seen in Britain since WWII.

    The scary part? No, it’s not that Britain is imploding because of their weakness and addiction to PC. The resally scary thing is that we’re right behind them. Watch Britain very closely because the price they’re paying is the price we will pay. And then some.

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  19. Bob Roberts says:

    ”How many black people have to die around here?” asked one of the youths, who gave his name as Pablo.


    I’m guessing the answer to his question is roughly equal to those like him who start and participate in riots. Once all those are killed there will be no more riots and no mor killing.

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