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Oct 22 2018

Multiculturalism Blossoms in French School

Teaching in a multiculturally enriched French school requires a new skill set, such as the ability to keep your cool when a savage points a gun at you, as in the video below:

The viral footage, initially distributed on Snapchat, shows a class in a school in Creteil commune in the southeastern suburbs of Paris. A male student stands in the middle of the classroom and threatens the teacher with an object that looks like a gun, and demands that she write ‘present’, not ‘absent’ in the attendance list. In the background, there is another student making obscene gestures at the camera.

Fortunately, the gun wasn’t real this time. It was apparently an airsoft gun.

In her tweet above, Marine Le Pen of National Rally notes that the calmness of the teacher as a student points a gun at her in the middle of class and the absence of any report and immediate complaint by the school resulting from the behavior suggest that this type of incident is common.

The teacher did file a complaint. The 16-year-old with the gun actually got in trouble and was scheduled to appear before juvenile court.

Europe must have been jealous of America’s inner-city schools. So they imported their own, directly from Africa.

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