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Dec 09 2019

Murdered, Brains Eaten for Speaking English

Democrats insist that we allow all Third Worlders who can make it from any corner of the planet to the US border and say the word “sanctuary” to pour across without vetting so as to avail themselves of our extravagantly generous welfare state. A story from the Philippines suggests the sort of assimilation difficulties that can be expected.

Lloyd Bagtong, aged 21, allegedly got mad because a woman spoke English to him. So he killed her and ate her brains.

Witnesses said they saw Bagtong, who is unemployed, walking with the woman close to the spot where her body was found.

[Police] suspect he killed and decapitated her at the scene using a large machete that was found tucked into his waistband, then used a piece of cloth to carry the head back to his home.

Bagtong allegedly told police that he cooked some rice before putting the woman’s brains on top and eating them.

The woman was found not only headless but topless. At last word, she had not been identified.

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