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Feb 02 2017

Muslim Assimilation in New Mogadishu

Let’s check in on how the Muslims we have been importing in such excessive numbers are assimilating:

Assimilation is contrary to multiculturalism. It is discouraged, and the vast numbers involved make it highly unlikely to occur. In Muslim enclaves, it is not even beginning to happen. These enclaves provide a breeding ground for terrorists and a launching pad for their atrocities.

On a tip from Dragon’s Lair.

7 Responses to “Muslim Assimilation in New Mogadishu”

  1. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Muslims are interested in assimilation in only one direction. The are like the Borg…without the green lights.

  2. chris black says:

    Formerly Scandinavian city of Minneapolis, now 25% unassimilated Somali Muslims living in public housing, on food stamps with free health care for them and their 8 kids.
    At the very least can we get a ban of face-covering burkas?

  3. Giorgio Palmas says:

    I live here and I can say I’ve only seen a handful who work. They still babble in their gibberish language and have a trail of 5 or 6 future ISIS members in tow at the grocery store screaming for Cocoa Puffs in Somali as well. Of course they pull out an EBT card at checkout- the final insult.

  4. ICEvictim says:

    my wife crosses words with them regularly at Cubs. You see them haul up to the express lane with two grocery carts full and an EBT card in hand. My wife (who is a Filipina) jumps right in their act and runs them off to a regular line. If they make the mistake of snapping back at her they find out that’s NOT a good idea with a PO’d Filipina, ha ha. “This is America and we have rules here!” She usually gets some cheers with that.

  5. ICEvictim says:

    I think these folks invented the White Guilt card. I think it comes out of the old school Lutheran pulpit ragers. They all know they are going to Hell, but they can try. Might not do any good though. [I was raised Missouri Synod Lutheran BTW]

  6. 762x51 says:

    Islamic enclaves, because these are not unique to Somali Muslims, are a reality in Europe, regardless of the propaganda from the Progressive media. How did they work out for France and Belgium and now Germany and Sweden? They become no-go zones then the attacks come. Dearbornistan is already that way, Minneapolis isn’t far behind. These enclaves are nothing more than a base of operations for the jihadi’s and valid military targets in the days ahead.

    The so called Somali civil war hasn’t been a civil war for over a decade. It started out that way in the 1980’s but has pretty much been a war of annihilation being carried out by Muslims against the Christian and non-Muslim populations. There is literally no reason for these “refugees” to be here any longer, they are the ones carrying out the genocide, not the victims of it.


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