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May 01 2018

Muslim Preacher: Buy from Islamopandering Starbucks, Go to Hell

Despite the trendiness of ESG poppycock in corporate boardrooms, pandering to moonbattery does not seem productive. No company could have a more irritatingly liberal public image than Starbucks. Yet every time it takes a step forward in the direction of social justice progress, its foot comes down on a rake, and the handle flies up to whack its foolish face.

A Starbucks manager asking a pair of troublemakers to stop loitering has brought down the wrath of the moonbat establishment. New Starbucks policies appear likely to reduce previously fashionable cafes to homeless shelters.

Another Starbucks social justice initiative was responding to the hijrah and the never-ending wave of Muslim terrorism that it has exacerbated by promising to hire 10,000 refugees at the expense of Americans. As anyone outside the liberal elite bubble could have predicted, this caused the brand’s public perception to drop precipitously. After self-righteously assisting the expansion of Islam, Starbucks was further rewarded with this:

In a 52-minute video uploaded by Islamic channel Fodamara TV on Youtube, [Indonesian Muslim preacher] Abdul Somad … says that Muslims will be thrown into hell if they buy from Starbucks, as the coffee shop openly supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Here we see the fundamental flaw of cultural Marxism. It can be used to destroy, but only if it doesn’t destroy itself first, because the aggrieved groups inflamed by SJWs and sicced on the core population often don’t like each other any more than they like us.

On a tip from Stormfax.

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