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Jan 07 2019

Muslim Sues NYFD for Islamophobia

Any New Yorkers remember the high regard everyone had for first responders after Muslims flew planes into the World Trade Center? Firefighters and police officers, oblivious to their own safety, rushed into the burning buildings only to perish when they collapsed. They were rightly lionized for it. But things change. Now, the city has handed over $224,000 in a settlement to a Muslim who claims that the NYFD Islamophobically fed him pork:

Firefighter Raheem Hassan also settled with a supervisor at Engine 309/Ladder 159 in Flatlands, Lt. David Hughes, who agreed to fork over another $1,000.

Hassan … accused FDNY colleagues of serving him pasta sauce spiked with pork and cooking his food in bacon grease — meats his religion forbids.

Hughes is an Islamophobe because when Hassan made an alarming threat, he reported it to the police. So much for see something, say something.

Hassan’s lawsuit continues against two other defendants, firefighters Joe Lankford and Tommy Donovan, who, like Hughes, did not receive legal representation by the city.

Islamophobes don’t deserve legal representation.

Details of the feud between Hassan and his coworkers are unclear, but one thing is obvious: it pays to be Muslim.

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