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Jan 22 2018

Muslima in Hijab Is Done Modeling Hair Care Products for L’Oréal

Remember Amena Khan, the Muslim who would not show her hair and yet, absurdly, was featured in a L’Oréal Paris UK commercial for hair care products? The same Islamicness that got her the gig with L’Oréal also put an end to it after her tweets spewing hatred at Israel became known:

L’Oreal told The Jerusalem Post that it had “recently been made aware” of Khan’s tweets. “We appreciate that Amena has since apologized for the content of these tweets and the offense they have caused,” said a representative for the company. “L’Oréal Paris is committed to tolerance and respect toward all people. We agree with her decision to step down from the campaign.”

As for the tweets,

In the deleted messages captured by screenshots and tweet-saving services, Khan called Israel a “sinister state,” an “illegal state,” and said the country is full of “child murderers” and expressed hope for its defeat. In other posts on social media that had not been deleted, Khan accused Israel of “Torture. Murder. Rape. Genocide” and falsely claimed that “Orthodox Jews themselves condemn the actions of Israel.”

PLO propaganda might fly at more woke companies, but not L’Oréal.

There is no little amount of irony involved in her cooperation with L’Oreal, which has operated a factory in Migdal Ha’emek for decades. The company has faced many boycott calls over the years from supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement over its extensive business ties with Israel.

P.C. corporations love diversity when is as shallow as slightly darker skin and a scarf on the head. But some still have the sense to be repulsed by the ideology that comes along.

On a tip from Stormfax.

4 Responses to “Muslima in Hijab Is Done Modeling Hair Care Products for L’Oréal”

  1. Tom Swift says:

    Somebody at L’Oréal hired this ethical defective. Find out who, and encourage them to “step down” as well. That’s the only way this sort of nonsense will stop.

  2. Mike_W20 says:

    ‘Khan accused Israel of “Torture. Murder. Rape. Genocide”’
    Muslims: constantly projecting.

  3. Teresa says:

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  4. itsatax says:

    How people dress & how they present themselves in public says alot about what they believe. The more two people look different, the greater their deep seated attitudes are likely to differ. A jewish liberal & and hijab-wearer may mouth the same TPs at first, but after a while the deep differences will surface. People innately know this. We self-segregate without even noticing it. People who live in denial of this tendency actually seem to self-segregate the most militantly. See Vermont as an example.

    Anyway, the hijab lady being a jew-hater is only a surprise to self-deluded lunatics. Normals could see it coming a mile away.

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