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Mar 01 2018

Muslimas Awarded $180,000 for Having to Take Off Their Hijabs for Mugshots

Moonbattery + Islam = bad news for taxpayers:

New York City will pay a total of $180,000 to three Muslim women who were forced to take off their hijabs for mug shots, the Daily News has learned.

As part of the New York’s policy of obsequious dhimmitude, female criminals of politically privileged Islamicness are supposed to be given the option of having a private hijabless mugshot photo taken by a woman. Presumably safeguards are in place to guarantee that only women and the Muslima’s male owner are allowed to see the mugshot.

Think of the special privileges Muslims will receive in NYC when they escalate from flying planes into buildings to setting off nuclear devices.

On tips from Stormfax, Dragon’s Lair, and The Lieberal Media.

8 Responses to “Muslimas Awarded $180,000 for Having to Take Off Their Hijabs for Mugshots”

  1. CovfefeMe says:

    New Dork City, meh
    you voted for it butt wads, enjoy!!

  2. MAS says:

    DC, NYC, Mexico, and Canada. What do all these have in common? Run by leftists and don’t trust me to carry my sidearm (even as a federal CCW licensed retired LEO). That and all are places I wouldn’t go to unless drug by a team of horses…

  3. JackisBack says:

    No one will cry for NYC with the next attack.

  4. magic1114 says:

    At least NY spares the male deputies the horror of looking at some truly horrific muslima faces. Oh, the horror!

  5. Mr. Freemarket says:

    One of the reasons for carrying your firearm is so that you can shoot the horses before they can drag you to a place you don’t want to go

  6. Whoare"they"?✓Deplorable says:

    Lunacy out and out lunacy.

  7. bigpete says:

    Did they have to remove their suicide vests too?

  8. Stacy says:

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