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Sep 26 2011

Naked Moonbat Perverts Run Wild in San Francisco

Decent people are advised to steer well clear of San Franfreakshow, where the depraved Nancy Pelosi-electing locals have once again refused to wear clothing in public:

Several dozen men and at least one woman took part in a naked protest Saturday in an area of the Castro District neighborhood that has become known for its nude visitors. Several carried signs that read, “Nudity is Not a Crime” and “Get Your Hate Off My Body,” as they milled around, undeterred by the brisk weather and light mist.

Nudity is not the only thing the Castro District is known for. Male tourists who venture into this inner circle of moonbat hell are advised that if you drop your wallet, better to just leave it than to risk bending over.

San Francisco generally allows public nudity, but a city supervisor has proposed regulating the practice. Supervisor Scott Wiener’s proposal would require the clothing-averse to cover up in restaurants. It would also require nudists to put a cloth or other barrier under their bottoms if they take a seat in public.

San Fransicko bureauweenies must be running out of things to regulate, having already addressed goldfish and breakfast contents.

The event, which had been scheduled before Wiener’s proposal was announced, was part of the unofficial celebrations leading up to the annual Folsom Street Fair, billed as the world’s largest leather and fetish event.

The Folsom Street Fair features not only public nudity, but revolting acts of homosexual depravity performed on city streets in the presence of children. At least liberals have an alternative to the family values they despise.

The perverts participating in the nude-in chose to hold it near a screening of “The Littlest Mermaid” so as to disgust and horrify the maximum number of children and their parents. Don’t forget to approve of their behavior lest someone call you a homophobe.

Family fun at the Fulsome Street Fair.

On a tip from Wiggins.

24 Responses to “Naked Moonbat Perverts Run Wild in San Francisco”

  1. SR says:

    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

    Joseph Stalin

    Thanks alot moonbats!

  2. KHarn says:

    We need to stop being “shocked and offended” and start POINTING AND LAUGHING. Pass a “compromise” ordinance: let them go naked durring the WINTER and arrest them if they put on a coat.

    This reminds me of an old joke: a bunch of beauty queens stripped to protest the war. They only succeded in making everyone forget what they were protesting.

  3. Air2air says:

    I have a meeting off Market street tomorrow afternoon. The temp is in the low sixties, about the same as the collective IQ. Please guys – wish me luck.

  4. Kevin says:

    Please do not lump all “nudists” into the same lot. These liberal nutjobs who run around, disregarding law, do not represent the true AANR nudist. These SanFran-sickos (and liberal naked protestors in other cities) have given real, genuine nudists a BAD name for too long. We’re NOT one in the same. Just FYI.

  5. ThatDorkEricDraven says:

    High res, I want HIGH RES, detailed pictures, you hear me!

    It’s my human right!

  6. Grunt says:

    Air2Air…might I suggest taking a big bag o’ rubber bands (the little ones that sting), (or) a slingshot and Bee-Bees, a squirt gun filled with your choice of projectile liquids? (Suggestion, any chemical-laden, highly perfumed soap, as filthy hippies are prone not to use anything that would harm/offend Mother Gay-Uh.)

    (The mind reels with notions!)

    Anyway, this makes me think about this one gay kid who made the remark “Eww, normal sex!”–he was this 16 year old kid who’s foolin’ around with some guy he claims is ‘Military, and travels the world a lot’. Of course, his Mummy permits a grown man to sodomize her son. I think she’s afraid of losing yet another male presence in her life [yep, you guessed it, single Mom], so not only allows it, but lauds it like she’s proud–poor deluded gal.

    At any rate, I think perhaps that instead of them referring to us as racists and “homophobes” why don’t we refer to them as “Christophobes“, “moral-phobes” and “heterophobes“?

    After all, it’s completely true; tell any Lib they’re doing wrong and they react with such abject irrationality that you’d think you’d exposed them to their deepest fear.

    Oh, wait…


    SAN FRANSTINKHOLE a sesspool a garbage dump a anthill at the foot of a bridge it needs to dissapear from america it needs to fall into the ocean and take that rotten bridge to

  8. Air2air says:

    Grunt I like the rubber bands idea. Wonder if there are any stinging chemicals etc that wouldn’t get me busted.

    Last time I was on Market st with the family and in-Laws, waiting at a red light. Homeless dude comes up to the right side of the car, whips it out and pees on the right side passenger window. The best part was that all the people in the crosswalk didn’t really stop to look twice.

    Of course my wife’s family (local residents) blamed it on ‘mental illness’, and that Reagan turned out all the California mentally ill into the streets, causing the SF homeless problem. I have no doubt the same guy is waling around with a grand in cash in his pockets as his daily panhandling take.

  9. Nathaniel M says:

    ThatDorkEricDraven says:
    September 26, 2011 at 11:01 am

    “High res, I want HIGH RES, detailed pictures, you hear me!!”

    Uh trust me dude, you don’t. Most of these protestors/exhibitionist nudists are 50ish+ men who look like they’ve never seen a gym.

    Air2air says:
    September 26, 2011 at 10:23 am

    “I have a meeting off Market street tomorrow afternoon. The temp is in the low sixties, about the same as the collective IQ. Please guys – wish me luck.”

    Just stay in the financial district and you should avoid the majority of stupidity. Well unless you run into a gathering BART protest. This is why I live in the burbs OUTSIDE of San Fran.

  10. Nathaniel M says:

    Air2air says:
    September 26, 2011 at 11:51 am

    “Of course my wife’s family (local residents) blamed it on ‘mental illness’, and that Reagan turned out all the California mentally ill into the streets, causing the SF homeless problem.”

    Tragically this has become the calcified bullshit meme from the CA left. It is now permanently imbedded in almost all CA resident’s brain and is triggered upon viewing any homeless vagrant. Bloody Pavlovian.

  11. Nathaniel M says:

    “Of course my wife’s family (local residents) blamed it on ‘mental illness’…”

    Tell this to your local resident in-laws; Go ahead and walk up and ask any homeless dude/dudette where they are from. I’ll betcha they ain’t SF locals or even from the state of CA.

  12. Grunt says:

    Meh, Air2Air, you’d get the chemicals on your fingers and it’ll likely react with the elasticity of the rubber. Hey…soft-air pellets are cheap–and it’d be a good tag! Y’know, using Air2Air your objection to eyeraep?

  13. Grunt says:

    …just, don’t look into the bull’s eye.

  14. KHarn says:

    “Kevin says:September 26, 2011 at 10:58 am”

    A little free advice: when someone says something unflattering, DO NOT jump up, wave your hand and yell “HE’S TALKING ABOUT ME!”.

  15. Cameraman says:

    Maybe its time resturant Patrons, leave a little “Itching Powder” after they leave the Chair or Booth…Might make this a little will help keep them Warm from wiggling Around! Phucking asshats


    They should turn the whole place into a huge assilum for the most crazy people in america becuase the whole place its nutteir then a fruitcake


    It’s got nothing to do with rights, it’s an extreme agenda meant to take over public education so your children will grow up in their respective cities and as they are old enough to lead they will allow every town in America to turn into a Castro district.

    The pictures you can find of the Folsom fair and it’s affiliate events will shock you. I found the baby Jesus butt plug being sold there particularly offensive.

    The gay agenda is inexorably tied to the destruction of all things Godly, and it’s well funded and relentless. Giving them an inch of ground is a terrible mistake.

    The nation will crumble unless we repeal roe wade, and dodt.

    Black grievance merchants and gays already run public education – it needs to be dismantled.

    Wake the fuck up folks.

  18. Freki says:

    Another product of the American welfare system…

    Increase Diversity…
    Then lock and load…

  19. TonyD95B says:

    RE:ROFLCOPTER DOWN at September 26, 2011 at 6:19 pm:

    I coined a term for this once. I call it “Homoleftism” and it’s practicioners and enablers are “Homoleftists”.

    RE: KHarn at September 26, 2011 at 9:34 am:

    “We need to stop being “shocked and offended” and start POINTING AND LAUGHING.”

    Yeah, I like that idea, but these idiots are utterly SHAMELESS – ridicule just doesn’t work when you’re dealing with a dog-collar wearing deviant in a##less chaps that performs lewd acts in public.


    Basically the same illegal lewd acts were takin place a gay club in Atlanta, the cops raided the place and it created a huge storm of relentless legal challenges meant to entangle and drain the city’s resources and force submission. They continue to protest and create disturbances at police sponsored events over the Eagle club issue.

    Between the gays and islamists the courts will become overrun.


    anyone who would parade around naked to prove a point are out of their minds

  22. dan says:

    Just walk around carrying your branch-loppers…

    or take your big hound for a walk …occasionally tossing him a hotdog to wolf down…..just a cold inquisitive puppy nose would be a hoot in that crowd 😀

  23. Noelegy says:

    I’m not a prude about the human body, naked or otherwise. The human body can be a thing of beauty, in the right place, at the right occasion. But context is everything. Appropriateness is everything. There are very few situations in which it is appropriate to put the naked human body on display for everyone. When a moonbat chooses to walk naked down a public street, that moonbat is essentially forcing everyone to participate in their statement of individuality. It’s not appropriate for kids to view this. Period. If you want to take a casual approach toward nudity, IN YOUR OWN HOME, and you have kids and don’t abuse them in some way by doing so, then that’s one thing. There has to be a middle grown between pathological prudery and…this.

    Plus, yeah, sitting down somewhere that naked bits have been….eww. You just can’t vouch for everyone else’s hygiene.

  24. Noelegy says:

    Plus, I find it really funny that these twits wear shoes.

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