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May 24 2019

Naomi Wolf Book Based on Errors

Former Al Gore adviser Naomi Wolf hopes to cash in on the current political correctness of homosexuality with her forthcoming book Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalization of Love, which presumably makes the familiar Cultural Marxist case that we must revere homosexuals because before they were privileged, they were oppressed.

However, they were not as oppressed as Wolf wants us to believe. While hawking the book, she made the mistake of getting interviewed by journalist Matthew Sweet, who observed that the book is premised on errors:

First, she assumed “sodomy” means homosexuality, but Sweet pointed out that, in one key case in her book, it was referring to child sex abuse. Second, she mistakenly believed the 19th-century legal term “death recorded” meant the convict was executed, but it actually meant a death sentence wasn’t carried out because the prisoner was pardoned and freed.

Sweet finds it unlikely that any of the executions Wolf wants us to weep over actually happened.

Listen and laugh at a moonbat’s foolishness:

A put-upon Person of Gayness supposedly martyred because of whom he loved turns out to be a pedophile who molested a 6-year-old. British authorities probably should have executed him, but they did not.

That’s what happens to history books when authors try to subordinate what actually happened to a contrived political narrative. The books turn out to be worthless piles of crap.

Let’s hope that when Outrages (against historical accuracy) is released, booksellers know enough to place it in the fiction section.

Possibly motivated by the reflexive liberal support for Islam, Naomi Wolf has claimed that ISIS beheadings may have been staged. Ironically, it is the British executions of sexual deviants she hopes to exploit for political purposes that didn’t really happen.

On a tip from Varla.

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