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Oct 12 2017

National Felons League

USA Today keeps a record of NFL player arrests. One glance makes clear why so many players take a knee in solidarity with criminals of color against law enforcement and American civilization in general:


It goes on for miles, showing 870 records.

According to Crimewire, there have been 31 arrests so far in 2017. An NFL player is arrested once every 7 days. The record for getting arrested the most times is 10, held by Adam Pacman Jones of the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NBA, also partial to Black Lives Matter politics, is no better. The NBA Crime Library has been keeping score. There is good reason the Portland Trail Blazers are known as the Jail Blazers.

Presumably all of these people are millionaires. It is not oppression that compels them to break the law.

On tips from Bodhisattva.

13 Responses to “National Felons League”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not just Michael Vick…

  2. Buffalobob says:

    NFL, didn’t Burt Reynolds star in a movie about them

  3. FromNJ says:


  4. Frank says:

    Pro sports need to be boycotted until they clean up their act and drop their ticket prices to reasonable levels, too. Tickets for a family of four priced at over $150.00 is way too much for most folks. Why would a generation of kids get interested in a sport they can never watch being played live?

  5. dds100 says:

    You would think such a fact should bury the league.

    What a travesty.

  6. Mr. Freemarket says:

    Almost as if the players came from a culture where crime is part of their society.

  7. Hungjumper says:

    Not hard to see why they have a beef against the cops.

  8. bob says:

    what do you expect from a large collection of black males. What makes me mad as hell is that none of these monsters should have been anywhere near a college or university. you want to know what privilege is? being allowed to take up space in universities only because you can play ball.

  9. Jodie says:

    Lots of arrests, with little consequences. So far, anyway…

  10. Frank says:


  11. […] now to be primarily focused on advancing leftism. Given that a high percentage of the players are criminals of color, the emphasis will continue to be on Black Lives Matter ideology. This entails […]

  12. Frank says:

    Sports is a serious money maker for colleges and universities. Nobody, including faculty, staff or “student athletes” thinks education is involved.

  13. Frank says:

    Did you hear about the pro pro football player who went to prison as tight end and left as a wide receiver?

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