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Sep 20 2016

Navy Undergoes Transgender Policy Training

While the expansion-minded tyrants running Russia and China eye the leadership vacuum and flex their muscles, here is how the US Navy spends its time under Commander in Chief Obama:

As the Pentagon makes changes to allow transgender service members to serve openly, the Navy is holding training to educate all troops on the new policies.

In an all-Navy message published Tuesday, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. Robert Burke said a three-pronged training approach will equip senior leaders and rank-and-file personnel for the changes.

“This training will emphasize policies and expectations of personal behavior,” the message states.

Beginning Nov. 1, mobile training teams composed of Navy fleet representatives and subject matter expects will be dispatched to deliver face-to-face briefs to senior leaders, including commanding officers, executive officers, command master chiefs, and chiefs of boat.

These sessions will also be open to equal opportunity advisers, ombudsmen and other command-designated representatives who will have a role in training the tenant commands on policies governing transgender troops.

Equal opportunity in this context means that sailors will advance more quickly through the ranks if they dress up in women’s clothes, in keeping with our fundamentally transformed military priorities.

commander in chief obama
What else did anyone expect under this CiC?

On a tip from Jester.

5 Responses to “Navy Undergoes Transgender Policy Training”

  1. grayjohn says:

    Yeah, that bullshit will keep you alive in combat.

  2. Heltau says:

    Like the Navy does not have enough problems trying to maintain a 400 ship navy.
    We used to trying to get it up to a 600 ship navy.
    This must be the new normal, way, way below the regular normal most everyone used to serve under.
    When DOES SMOD get here?

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