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Dec 08 2018

Nazi Symbols Nixed from Sound of Music Production

What made Nazis so scary is that they were totalitarians who would go to any length to stamp out the last trace of what they wanted to eradicate. In this respect, they had a lot in common with today’s liberal educrats:

Students at famed LaGuardia HS in Manhattan revolted this week after Nazi props were prohibited from a new production of “The Sound of Music,” sources said.

The Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, made famous by a 1959 stage debut and a 1965 film, tells of the Austrian von Trapp family fleeing the Third Reich.

Principal Lisa Mars apparently nixed the symbols on the grounds that Nazis were bad. Context doesn’t count for much in the absolutist world of militant moonbats.

“You can’t be offended by history,” said a member of the production team at the city’s top performing-arts school.

That will come as news to the progressives who have been tearing down or defacing statues of historical figures deemed to be insufficiently politically correct.

Despite being a Person of Politically Preferred Pigmentation, it looks like Ms Mars was overruled by the Department of Education. A compromise allows some Nazi symbols to remain, tempered by a program insert reminding the audience what to think and how to feel.

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