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May 29 2019

NBC: Bernie Sanders Supporters Are Poorly Informed

What kind of moonbats would support a snide old commie ratfink like Bernie Sanders? Poorly informed ones — according to Chuck Todd:

“The less you are paying attention, the more likely you are a Bernie Sanders supporter,” Todd says, pointing to a Monmouth poll taken recently showing that Sanders is losing definite ground to both former Vice President Joe Biden and a suddenly-much-stronger Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who has jumped between 5 and 6 points in the polls since Biden entered the race.

Even a guy who was kicked out of a hippy commune for laziness may never have experienced a humiliation quite like losing ground to the shrieking faux Indian harridan Elizabeth Warren.

The implication, of course, is that Sanders voters are “low information.”

Clueless Bernie Sanders supporters took to social media to express their outrage at having been called out. They accused NBC of being corporate and afraid of Sanders. They shouted that the mainstream media produces propaganda for the Democratic National Convention, which is presumably continuing to conspire against Bernie, the Choice of the People.

Others even went so far as to call the mere notion of “information” an anti-Bernie Sanders conspiracy.

Here’s what they mean:

One of the many things Bernie Bots don’t get is that Sanders only barks leftist policy positions, but unlike Warren is too lazy to apply them to concrete proposals.

Sanders is not really a candidate. He is just a petulant gesture — the political equivalent of a small child throwing food on the floor from its highchair.

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