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Apr 09 2020

NBC News Reports on Trump’s Crime Against Humanity

We already knew that the propaganda excreted by the liberal media establishment is garbage tailored to the obtuse. But yesterday NBC News jumped the shark completely:

State Rep. Tavia Galonski recently posted her intention to report the president to the Hague, the city in the Netherlands where the International Criminal Court is.

Galonski is of course a Democrat. She represents a district in the Akron, Ohio area. She intends to turn in the President of the USA for “crimes against humanity.” Trump’s transgression:

Trump repeatedly said at a White House coronavirus task force briefing this week that an anti-malaria drug could treat COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

The reference is to hydroxychloroquine, which has been working miracles in the treatment of COVID-19. Trump mentions it to give people hope.

Leftists have been trying to quash this hope, despite mounting evidence of the drug’s effectiveness, on the juvenile grounds that if it is associated with Trump it must be bad — or at least it must be made to look bad, lest Trump look good, even if this denies people lifesaving medication.

Last week, NBC News reported that an American couple has become deathly ill after ingesting a form of chloroquine.

This “form of chloroquine” was fish tank cleaner. A left-wing crazy lady has left the impression that she may have used it to off her husband, afterward lamely blaming the poisoning on Trump.

Trump did not tell anyone to eat fish tank cleaner. But fish tank cleaner is never mentioned in the NBC story, which treats the childish “crimes against humanity” allegation as if it were legitimate.

The piece concludes with a hard-hitting statement by Galonski:

“He’s going to get people killed.”

No mention is made of another state rep, Karen Whitsett, who represents a district in Detroit, 190 miles away. Whitsett credits Trump with saving her life by making her aware of hydroxychloroquine.

NBC News has achieved a new rock bottom for journalism. The Weekly World News is more professional.

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