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Oct 28 2018

NBC News Suppressed News Discrediting Kavanaugh’s Accusers

It was obvious to one and all that the “mainstream” leftist media would have been delighted to see Brett Kavanaugh destroyed by false scurrilous allegations. But would they go beyond spin and commit serious journalistic malpractice to bring this about? They sure would at NBC News, which sat on information that would have discredited salacious claims by porn lawyer and Democrat presidential aspirant Michael Avenatti that Kavanaugh was involved in gang rape, a tale invented by Julie Swetnick:

Avenatti connected NBC News with an anonymous woman he claimed could corroborate Swetnick’s allegations, but instead accused the lawyer of “twisting” her words. Still, NBC went with Swetnick’s story without disclosing the exculpatory reporting.

On Thursday, nearly three weeks after Kavanaugh’s confirmation, NBC News published an article headlined, “New questions raised about Avenatti claims regarding Kavanaugh,” that detailed “inconsistencies” with Swetnick’s claims. In the article, NBC News admitted the unidentified woman repudiated the sworn statement Avenatti provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee on her behalf to corroborate Swetnick’s claims.

The woman saw Kavanaugh spike the punch with alcohol and Quaaludes at a party, according to Avenatti. But not according to the woman.

Now that the confirmation fight is over, NBC News doesn’t mind the truth coming out. It’s not as if they have a reputation to worry about. People go to the Peacock Network for propaganda, not news.

Unlike the mendacious activists running NBC News, Avenatti and Swetnick may face consequences for the disgraceful parts they played in the attempted railroading of an innocent man. Chuck Grassley has referred them for criminal investigation.

If there is justice, nutty professor Christine Blasey Ford will also pay the piper. But even if she is punished for perjury, there is one thing they cannot take away from her; she will always be worshiped by liberals, no matter how thoroughly her provable lies are exposed.

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