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Apr 03 2019

Neighboring Law Enforcement Pulls Back From Portland

As they sink into moonbattery, Left Coast cities could become pariah jurisdictions, shunned by law enforcement from surrounding areas. Again, Portland blazes a trail into dysfunction:

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts wrote to his deputies, “I will not place our staff at unnecessary personal risk when acting under law and authority as a police officer.”

In the letter, he explains, if a Clackamas County deputy responds to a case within Portland’s jurisdiction and it results in the use of force, that deputy can be held financially liable in court.

The leftist kooks running Portland tend to side with criminals. They turned down Roberts’ request to have the city cover legal expenses for his deputies when they assist Portland police. Law enforcement officers run a high risk of getting sued for doing their job in cities where moonbattery prevails.

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office as well as the suburban Vancouver Police Department may join the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in restricting cooperation with the Portland PD. This could mean turning down Portland when it needs more manpower for crowd control during the Antifa riots that characterize the City of Roses. It could also affect SWAT operations and hinder drug and gang investigations. Despite exceptions, even life-threatening situations could be impacted.

Portland has come to an inevitable fork in the road. It can have law & order, or it can have moonbattery. Since it is likely to choose the latter, it may have to follow the Chicago precedent and just surrender to the criminals.

According to ICE, Mayor Ted Wheeler et al created “a zone of terror and lawlessness” when they allowed Occupy vermin to lay siege to a local facility for weeks on end. If moonbattery continues unchecked, the entire city may soon constitute a zone of terror and lawless.

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