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Jan 15 2020

Netflix Show Features Child Corrupted by Drag Culture

Here’s what you are missing if you don’t give money every month to the social engineers at Netflix:

On Friday, January 10, Netflix premiered a new show co-created by drag queen RuPaul, titled AJ and the Queen [… which is] about a 10-year-old child who accompanies Robert (RuPaul), a gay male drag performer who goes by “Ruby Red,” as he travels across the country performing in drag shows at mostly gay bars. …

The child, AJ (Izzy G.), is the daughter of a drug-addicted prostitute. She wants to be a boy “because people leave boys alone.” She hides her long hair under a boyish hat and does her best to look and act like a 10-year-old boy instead of a girl. The show is one long exposure of this child to sexualized adult situations in which she does not belong, all under the guise of the drag queen and the child “bonding” cross-country.

Good old family entertainment, Netflix style:

A “top” is a homosexual who does the molesting, as opposed to a “bottom,” who gets to bite the pillow.

The show is representative of the transgender/drag queen phenomenon, which is obsessed with corrupting the innocence of children. Obvious examples include grooming-oriented drag queen story hours, child drag queens like Desmond Is Amazing and Queen Lactacia, and the horrifying chemotransition of small children into grotesque facsimiles of the opposite sex.

Modern society has willfully descended to depths of sin and depravity not seen since Sodom and Gomorrah.

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