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Dec 28 2013

Never a Private Moment

If ever an American citizen asked to be taken out by one of Obama’s drones, it’s Edward Snowden. But you have to admit, he has a point:

Edward Snowden

Compliments of Stormfax.

12 Responses to “Never a Private Moment”

  1. Comrade's Collective Utopian Paradise (Hell) says:

    ‘It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy.’ – George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

  2. Sean says:

    At first I was mad about what he did, but since then I have realized that he may be right. If in a 2 party system one party is supposed to hold the line in regards to the other, but the GOP today seems heel bent to go along with the Dems on these plans. So, who is left to show the American people what is really going on. Can we trust the GOP to do so? Can we trust the Fed to really act in our best interest while opening the doors to an influx of third world colonists?
    So it seems to be that this guy did a good deed to shine a light on what is going on.

  3. Sam Adams says:

    First, the NSA has yet to document a case where they have stopped a terrorist plot.

    Second, Spying on everyone is a silly waste of time and resources. “Everyone” is not a potential terrorist threat. Terrorists threats most likely come from two sources:
    1. Muslims,
    2. Marxists.

    Why do I say Muslims? Because they believe that Muslims and non-Muslims are not equal under the law, and they embrace to concept of jihad (sometimes including actual jihad against the infidels).

    Why Marxists? Because they really believe the end justifies the means, and Marxism is responsible for the deaths of 170 million people during the 20th century (most of them killed by their own government).

    Third: The NSA’s war on terror includes all US citizens. They see all citizens as potential suspects. They spy on people with zero probable cause…simply because they can.

  4. KHarn says:

    Throw a cast net or a blanket over that flying camera.

  5. ThisObamaNation says:

    “The Answer To 1984 IS 1776.” Alex Jones

    While You Were Getting Ready For The Holidays, The House And The Senate Were Working Under The Cover Of Darkness To Strip American Citizens Of ALL Of Their Constitutional Rights!!!

    From Prison Planet…
    Cruz Warns: 2014 NDAA Still Gives Obama ‘Indefinite Detention Without Due Process’ Powers

    From Before It’s News…
    Senate Rammed NDAA 2014 Thru at Lightning Speed!
    …Allows Obama to Assassinate Christians Without Trial

    Posted On CommieBlaster.Com…
    315 House Rep. Traitors Who Voted for Illegal Indefinite Arrest of Americans Without Trial, Lawyer, Charges

  6. Henry says:

    FIL reported a drone with camera hovering over the parking lot at the gun show last weekend.

  7. Anonymous says:


    Julian Assange (Wikileaks) and Edward Snowden are NWO con-men

    It was with a mix of concern and amusement that The Anti New York Times viewed the blind public acceptance of, first, the “WikiLeaks” fraud, and now, the Edward Snowden scam. Even more troubling was the hasty eagerness with which so many of our constitutionalist, libertarian, and “conspiracy theorist” brethren fell for the twin ‘whistleblower” scams.

    The Anti New York Times is pleased to present “Fake & Faker”, an important expose of two very dangerous scams being run by the New World Order Gang.

  8. tfhr says:

    Would anyone care to explain why Snowden, who claims to be engaged in righting a wrong, would then distribute details about intelligence collection targeting foreign threats but provide nothing to back up claims of illegal domestic collection?

    If the concern is over his perception about intelligence collection abusing the rights of US citizens, then maybe he should release an illegally obtained conversation, email, or text. We haven’t seen that yet, have we? Nope, but we have seen him divulge classified foreign intelligence collection and we have seen him offer more of the same to various governments as he tries to buy his way into Brazil, Ecuador and Germany in exchange for classified materials. Does that sound like someone that has evidence to support his claims of wrong doing against American citizens? If he had evidence to support that he could throw it out there right now but for some reason that hasn’t happened. Wonder why?

  9. tfhr says:

    As for Snowden’s concern about private moments for a child born today, well I’d say that there’s a good chance that the kid’s parents have “selfies” all over the net and more than a few of them might be ones they’ll regret. People today go out of their way to abandon privacy by Tweeting any comment that comes to mind, willingly post PII on Facebook, and frequently post or send images of themselves or others that should never see the light of day but we’re supposed to be afraid for our privacy out of concern for stored metadata?

    I suppose the blatant abuse of the IRS shows that our government is more than willing to abuse powers meant to accomplish legal functions and when I see that particular scandal receive even a tenth of the press directed at the NSA, then I’ll have a better opinion of the Fourth Estate, but I won’t stand on one leg while I wait.

    I’m more afraid for the consequences ahead for our technical collection capabilities. Will our SIGINT and cyber accesses and capabilties be curtailed recklessly and to our own disadvantage as we saw happen to our HUMINT and CI capabilties following the Church Commission back in the ’70s?

  10. reeko says:


    bingo. nailed it.

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