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May 19 2016

#NeverTrump Writer Confesses to the Error of Her Ways

It looks like RedState’s Angela Nelson has joined the swelling ranks of those on the right who have discarded their core beliefs lest they be separated from the Trumpster herd:

Guys, this is no time to hold firm to our principles. Now that Trump has been crowned Supreme Ruler of All We Hold Dear, it is incumbent upon all of us who have consistently and rationally opposed him to toss all that aside, bend to peer pressure, and kiss the ring. Nothing good has ever come from people of conscience sticking to their guns in the face of overwhelming opposition from multiple sides; no one praises the fool who demands that his own side live up to their own values. There are no historical accolades for those who refuse to replace one tyrant with another.

Since the conspicuously non-godly Trump has enjoyed the support of certain evangelicals, it is fitting that Nelson backs up her position with scripture:

5 And upon her forehead was a name written, HILLARY THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.

6 And the angel said unto me, I will show thee of the coming of the one destined to stand against her. For behold, it shall come to pass that on the eve of her ascension to power, there shall come a man great of mouth and possessed of wealth. He will want the same things as Hillary, and will show an equal willingness to accumulate power through dishonesty; yea, and he will also beget violence and suppression upon those who oppose him; but lo, if the righteous do not enthusiastically support him, they shall be cast out.

7 And I said unto him, How can this be? Are not the doings of Hillary a great evil? How can a man whose desires and methods match hers be better?

8 And the angel replied, Behold, it must be so, for the evil of the Mother of Abominations lies not in her desires, but in her person itself. She is not a partaker of evil, but the source thereof; therefore, if she is vanquished, evil will cease to exist and America shall be great again.

That Revelations passage is guaranteed to be at least as genuine as Trump patronizingly brandishing a Bible and gibbering about Two Corinthians.

trump bible
As sincere as Nelson’s tongue in cheek surrender.

On a tip from Torcer.

70 Responses to “#NeverTrump Writer Confesses to the Error of Her Ways”

  1. ThisObamaNation says:

    Evidently is going to spend the next four to eight years taking cheap shots at Donald Trump and grieving the loss of Teddy Cruz. Even a baby won’t whine forever when you take his bottle. Grow up.

  2. Ed McAninch says:

    Angela Nelson, another bandwagoning fool. who has jumped onto Trump’s tower.

    Her first sentence tells it all:

    “Guys, this is no time to hold firm to our principles.”

  3. MrRightWingDave says:

    “Nothing good has ever come from people of conscience sticking to their guns in the face of overwhelming opposition from multiple sides; no one praises the fool who demands that his own side live up to their own values”

    Uh, pardon me, but history, and the Church is FULL of heroes, not regarded as fools, who have done just that. Yes, a LOT of good has come from those people.

  4. JohnnyBee Dawg says:

    Wow. You guys need to get some fresh air. Her article is tongue in cheek.
    And yes, if you nevertrumps let Hillary win, we will lose the Supreme Court for decades.

  5. chris black says:

    Exactly, you either vote for Trump or you get Hillary. Do we want her appointing another liberal Supreme Court Justice?

  6. Gex says:

    “That Revelations passage is guaranteed to be at least as genuine as Trump patronizingly brandishing a Bible and gibbering about Two Corinthians.”

    If only she would have patronizingly posted pictures of a bruised arm over and over again while saying ” I guess Michelle Fields imagined this “. Then maybe Angela would still be accepted as a genuine conservative by all the really real conservatives on this site

  7. Zappy says:

    Come on guys, do you not know what satire is? Read it again. Pretty sure she actually agrees with you…

  8. Gex says:

    Good call, I initially just read the rabid moonbattery comments on her article. After reading what she wrote its painfully obvious that her comments are satire. Bwahahahaha

  9. Sherman1864 says:

    Trump will be the nominee. Get with it or just shut this tired old site down and vote for Hillary.

  10. Sherman1864 says:


  11. Sherman1864 says:

    Excellent once again. Poor poor moonbattery. Looks like the moonbattery is on the other wing now. Or moonbattery refers to the incessant anti trump drumbeat of this site itself.

  12. I never heard of her honestly

  13. MAS says:

    This is the sad state of the modern American church…seeking the politician of politicians instead of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. They think involvement in politics will stem the tide of evil enough to vote for emissaries of the same. If they were successful at legislating Christian moral standards from DC to city hall all they would accomplish is to recreate the 21st century version of the Pharisee.

  14. Barry Roberts says:

    There is no time that you shouldn’t hold firm to your principles. None.

    “Principles” that you discard when they’re inconvenient aren’t principles.

    So, yeah, definitely satire.

  15. Momster says:

    It’s getting to almost be like the HuffPo of the right.

    NNAAHHHH although I am a little disappointed in it lately–NOTHING is THAT bad.

  16. Gene says:

    If the election were held today I would not vote for Trump, but Supreme Court nominations is an important issue. If Trump can convince me that he will appoint conservative constitutionalist justices, I would hold my nose and vote for him. Trump took a step towards that end when he published a list of potential nominees, although he almost immediately backed off from. Trump still has a long way to go before I’ll trust him on this issue.

  17. TED says: BUT Trump isn’t ESTABLISHMENT, right lefty TROLLS!

  18. TED says: The LEFT’s “BEST OF THE BEST”.

  19. TED says:


  20. TED says:
    MORE of that LEFTIST TROLL logic……….

  21. TED says:


  22. Silence Dogood says:

    It’s much like Phil, the duck commander tweeting out that we must support Trump and consolidate the party. I replied saying, so much for God OVER Party….

  23. Ed. G. Mann says:

    The Never Trump bunch are really busy digging themselves a hole for which the French have a name: La Trine.

  24. genesis123 says:

    that’s my take too.
    it’s a good one.

  25. J.j. Cintia says:

    Good God Almighty. Even with no more opponents all you #NeverTrump twits are still at this? Let me guess, you’re planning to vote for the No Chance Libertarian Candidate Whatshisname? At what point do you stop this? When the poll shows Trump at 60 % and the Libertarian at 3 %?

  26. Gex says:

    Now why do you want to insult the huffpo like that. Dave was duped by her satirical article, he actually thought she had changed her position about Trump , so much so that dave dishonestly changed his original article.
    nahhhh,you were right this site has about the same credibility as the huffpo..

  27. 762x51 says:

    Said the lying sack of shit who hides behind a “Libertarian” mask while espousing his fascist Progressive ideology.

    You are a complete and total fraud, a phony, a charlatan and those are your good qualities. All wrapped up in a quivering mass of fascistic cowardice.

  28. 762x51 says:

    Said the fascist fucktard who created the problem.

  29. Sherman1864 says:

    Hi Troll! Usually fascists use your kind of poor language. So I guess that makes you the fascist, but I’m not sure you even know what you are talking about.

  30. Ed. G. Mann says:

    Oooo! You’re getting more infantile with each outburst. And more redundant. I guess losing does that to one.

  31. 762x51 says:

    I’m talking about you, fascist.

    Your “agree with me or shut the site down” fascism is very Trumpanzee like.

    Troll? LOLOLOLOL, that’s some funny shit coming from a dipshit who has been this site almost 15 months and has made 9 comments. Stinks like troll to me.

    I have posted on MB almost daily for nearly 10 years.

    Try again, junior.

  32. 762x51 says:

    HAHAH, is that all you have? I find that sniveling cowards like you like to pretend they are the better person, mostly to salve the open wound of shame they carry around. In your case, it is exacerbated by your substitution of arrogance for intelligence.

    Whine away little boy, you are nothing and no one cares about your ridiculous opinions, least of all me. Maybe if you grow a pair and decide to face me I’ll gain some respect for you, until then, you are dog slobber left on the rug after he is done licking his balls.

  33. Sherman1864 says:

    Still the poor language?? I’ve been commenting here for years although there has been a a long gap recently due to the almost solely anti Trump nature of this site since the primary process began. It’s become a bore. You’ve probably noticed a lot of other folks are put off as well here. Well, “troll” refers to you trolling me for replies. And I suppose it worked yet again. Some malcontent calling me names on an obscure blog doesn’t really bother me, so have at it. Also, now I finally agree with you that I am a fascist. In fact I was a friend of Mussolini’s. We were very close. Now I am a friend of your friend Mayor de Blasio. Yep, I’m a fascist thru and thru. Which means I oughta vote for Hillary in the Fall. But I won’t. Cruz was my man, but he’s gone and Trump has won. So I’m going with Trump. What about you??
    The Fascist

  34. Sherman1864 says:

    I suppose you are correct. I used to comment at HA a lot until it switched over to that FB commenting system. Can you imagine a truly conservative site using that FB system by a guy so intertwined with the big government big business combine? I despise Zuckerberg! In truth, it’s hard to find a place to make comments this year. The irony is that we had the best set of nominees in years and finally have someone who does not mince words (Trump) and he takes all the heat. Makes me like him the more. Guess that’s why he …WON:)

  35. Sherman1864 says:

    Apparently they are still at it. And a lot of pundits are having a hard time walking back all of their dire Trump predictions. NO ONE thought he would win…except for all of the people who voted in the primaries. I don’t think we regular RNC/Tea Party folks are all thaaaaat stupid.

  36. Ed. G. Mann says:

    All that jabbering admits to nothing. Your candidate came up short in the great American principles race. America rejected him. You lost. Bye.

  37. Momster says:

    Do hear a BINGO in the hall?

  38. Sherman1864 says:

    Now I do!

  39. 762x51 says:

    Oh dear, poor language, call the thought police. Oh wait, they’re already here. You can claim anything you want, all anyone has to do to verify that you are a liar is click on your screen name, dumbass.

    I’m not trolling you for you replies, in fact, if I never heard from you Trumpanzee fucktards again the world would be a better place. I stand in opposition to the fascism of the Trumpkins and their cult leader. This is what happens when totalitarians push their agenda too far, they get push back, that’s how freedom works. You are free to have your idiotic opinions that we either agree with you and your cult or we should disappear and we are free to tell you to go fuck yourself.

    I’ll go one better and invite you and your fascist fucktard brethren to come and MAKE me go away. That’s ultimately where this is headed, open warfare. You fascists must control everything you see and we will not comply. What is left but a good old fashioned gunfight. So anytime you feel like you are up to it, let me know. It has to be done anyway, may as well get started and get this over with.

  40. Sherman1864 says:

    i think you’ve crossed the line into getting banned. It’s a wonder they allow you mental patients so much internet access on your ward.
    And you’ve also crossed the line legally. I’m contacting the FBI.
    They can read your comment for themselves.

  41. 762x51 says:

    LOL, Go ahead asswipe. kick that fascism into overdrive. No doubt you have them on speed dial so you can “report” any unacceptable activity. Threatening me with government led violence, man did I call it or what? Go ahead, and call them, I’ll wait . . .

    What are they going to read jagoff? That I invited YOU to come after ME? BFD. Are they going to read that I believe that the rapidly deteriorating situation in America ends in Civil War II? BFD2. I have never threatened anyone on the Internet.

    If you had been on this site for the “years you claim, you would have seen me post that civil war prediction a thousand times. Additionally, if you any idea what is really going on out here in America you would know that hundreds of thousands of Americans who also believe that, perhaps millions. You going to arrest all of us and put us in “re-education camps”, comrade? Gotta get our “minds right”, so we can all agree with your beliefs.

    Silencing anyone who disagrees with you under threat of government violence, restricting what people can say to only things that don’t offend you, shutting down websites that don’t comport with your ideology. Yep you are truly a Progressive fascist .

    Man I love exposing you fascist filth for who you really are.


    SO everyone will know what a liar and fraud you are – Here’s your Disqus info.

  42. Sherman1864 says:

    How can you be re-educated when you never had one to begin with?? By the way, do the doctors treat you well on your ward? How much exercise do they let you get each day? As I read your insane comments I only have pity for you. This is what this site as devolved into….sad. Truly sad.

  43. 762x51 says:

    Man the stink of your Progressive mind set is all over your posts. Now I’m insane, as is anyone who disagrees with you or has the courage to stand up against your vile ideology. Hey, it worked in the Soviet Union for you, may as well try it here. That way you can disappear us any time you want. Difference is, the Russian peasants were not heavily armed, the American citizens are.

    Anyone who reads these will note how you fail to address any facts, instead stating opinion as if it were fact, an Alinsky tactic from a Progressive fucktard. MB is what it has always been, anti-Progressive. That you and the rest of the Trumpanzees have come out of the closet as Progressive statists is on you not MB. Just Hillary winning the general election against tRump will be on you, not us.

    On a personal note, I’m still waiting for that knock at the door from the FBI. Better give them another call, fascist.

  44. Sherman1864 says:

    Yes. I love Alinsky. I was his best friend. Gosh, how did you know? I also knew Hitler intimately. Shared a prison cell with him when he was writing Mein Kampf.
    I also knew Marx. Used go horseback riding together. Also knew the Marx brothers and appeared in two of their films.
    Gosh, look who’s getting trolled now:) This is fun!

  45. 762x51 says:

    Well that explains why the book goes on page after boring page of mindless drivel without ever saying much of anything. Hitler was a lot smarter than that, there had to be some external influence of mind-numbing stupidity at work to make it as bad as it was. You were in charge of proof reading and editing. Thanks for clearing that up.

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