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Nov 21 2018

New Jersey Taxpayers Defend Invaders from Deportation

During the War of 1812, the British invaded and set fire to the White House. But at least our own governors did not confiscate $millions from us to furnish the arsonists with kerosene and matches. Some of them would now, to judge by their reaction to the far more lasting damage inflicted by the ongoing massive Third World invasion. An example is the Democrat Governor of New Jersey:

The state of New Jersey will allocate more than $2 million to pay legal costs for low-income immigrants who are facing deportation, Gov. Phil Murphy announced Monday.

Why would an immigrant face deportation? Usually because the immigrant is in the country illegally and has committed other crimes since coming here.

Where Democrats prevail, bad guys run the government. They side with other bad guys against the society they supposedly represent.

[T]he American Friends Service Committee said it costs about $15 million per year to pay for legal representation for immigrants in New Jersey detention facilities.

This is yet another reason to mine the border immediately.

There are about half a million illegal immigrants in New Jersey alone. Every state is a border state now. If it is up to the radical leftists who infest the judiciary, the alarming numbers will continue to skyrocket until it isn’t our country anymore.

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