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Sep 19 2013

New Prime Minister Tony Abbott Could Save Australia

This could be the moment when the rising tide of moonbattery begins to recede. Hats off to Australia for putting Tony Abbott in a position to fight back on behalf of Western Civilization, as he has made clear he will do from the beginning:

Prime minister-elect Tony Abbott plans to hit the ground running on Wednesday afternoon, issuing orders to scrap the carbon tax, stop the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from writing business, and cease granting permanent protection visas to asylum seekers found to be refugees who had arrived by boat.

Dubbing it his first ”’action day”, Mr Abbott said he would take the initial steps to get Coalition election policies in train ”as soon as I return from Parliament House from the swearing in ceremony”. …

”As soon as I return to Parliament House from the swearing-in ceremony, I will instruct the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to prepare the carbon tax repeal legislation.” He said this would immediately lift the pressure off households and businesses and would save the average family ”more than $550 a year from 2014-15”.

He also pledged to start the process to scrap the CEFC. ”The treasurer, Joe Hockey, will instruct the Clean Energy Finance Corporation board to suspend its operations and cease making payments and [he] has instructed the Treasury to prepare legislation to permanently shut down the corporation.”

Here’s the really bad news for Labor, which failed to import enough Muslim welfare colonists in time to prevent Abbott’s rise:

Wednesday also marks the beginning of Mr Abbott’s new border protection regime under the banner of Operation Sovereign Borders. ”From today the Immigration Department will immediately cease granting permanent protection visas to illegal boat arrivals and will start the process of reintroducing temporary protection visas which will deny permanent residency to those who have already arrived illegally by boat.

”We will deliver results for the Australian people from day one and live up to our pledge to have a safe, secure Australia and a strong, prosperous economy.”

Abbott means business. The situation is improving already:

Defence Force chief General David Hurley has promoted Major General Angus Campbell to the rank of a three-star officer so the experienced soldier can begin serving today as the commander of Tony Abbott’s new border protection task force. …

Lieutenant General Campbell later held his first meeting with Immigration Minister Scott Morrison as commander of the Joint Agency Task Force for Operation Sovereign Borders – the Abbott government’s new border protection policy designed to stop the flow of asylum-seeker boats.

Lieutenant General Campbell is one of Australia’s most experienced soldiers with a strong special forces background.

General Campbell appears to be an ass-kicker along the lines of George Patton. His promotion indicates that finally someone in authority will side with his own country to defend it from the existential threat posed by massive Third World immigration.

Also, the lunatic moonbat and absurdly overpaid Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery has been sacked, and his Climate Commission dismantled.

Critics have responded by grousing that Abbott doesn’t have enough women in his cabinet. If that’s all they’ve got, he should continue to whip the moonbats for many elections to come.

Abbott with esteemed countermoonbats Mark Steyn and Daniel Hannan.

On tips from Andrew in Australia.

12 Responses to “New Prime Minister Tony Abbott Could Save Australia”

  1. Phil Wilson says:

    It could happen here too. One, two election cycles could do it.

  2. Wilberforce says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

    Well done, friends in Down Under; keep it going!

  3. Johnycomelately says:

    The liberals are no different to Labor, Howard was the highest taxing Prime Minister in Australia’s history and Abbot will cover the climate tax short fall with GST increases.

    The liberals are more pro immigration than Labor, Australia hides its official immigration levels by not including permanent residents that take up citizenship, the official 150 000 is half the real figure. Boat people only represent 5% of the intake.

    Also Abbott is a proponent of the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) which will see some 15000 Malaysians coming to Austalia annually, so much for conservatives.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Round up and deport all members of the Islamic Brotherhood,run Greenpeace out,repeal the gun ban laws,pull Australia out of the United Nations just like America should do

  5. Python says:

    Finally our country can heal. Abbott also sacked Tim Flannery that loony alarmist who was given a plum job heading the Labour governments Climate Commission. This goose was on $180,000 a year and only had to work a few days a month.Flim-Flannery made so many dud predictions about Climate Change they should make a movie about him. You can find a list of them on the net.
    So many of the Lie-bour party also pumped up the rising seas scam and when people sold their waterfront houses the lie-bour people bought up the houses.
    One good thing about getting rid of Lie-bour is that at least the real refugees will have a better chance of getting in. I just hope the Libs boot the 50,000 illegal boaties out. Oh, and all those who so dearly wanted these poor poor (but quite wealthy) refugees to be let in should be kicked out as well.
    Abbott should also have a Royal Commission into union funds and start building more prisons so all the union hacks can have a place to stay for a while because the union bosses have, as sure as my arse points to the ground, been misusing the members money.
    And Spurwing, you’re spot on but not just the MB guys, any and all muslims who dont toe-the-line.

  6. Python says:

    Abbott doesn’t have a lot of women in his cabinet but he has promoted those who are competent. Unlike Lie-bour who gave their people extremely long winded titles and if you were a lesbian you were in, if you were an asian lesbian even better. Didn’t matter whether you were competent, had a previous criminal history, one functioning brain cell, if you fit whatever appeared to be popular to the shouting minorities, or just a weapons grade knob-end as long as you were prepared to let the right people use your tongue as a pillow you were given a cushy position.

  7. Fiberal says:

    Don’t even think about it.

    America has about as much chance of those kinds of reforms as BO on Jr. High Jeopardy.

  8. Aussie-John says:


    Sorry, but you are speaking rubbish. Liberal Party in Australia, while not perfect, has alsways been best at fiscal management, always best at allowing most (but not all) personal freedoms, and have always managed to drag Australia out of the mire always created by the Labor Party. Then, when things are good, Labor gets voted back in and stuffs up everything again. Then thre Libs have to fix it,…again!

    Here’s hoping for an Australia with voters who have longer memories thn last time!

  9. JoeK Loth says:

    Maybe someday here… =(:>(

  10. […] a little good news from closer than Australia. Eric Cantor racks up a […]

  11. Lime Lite says:

    Johnycomelately, you are a tosser. Go away you stupid person. YOU are what’s wrong with this world. Take your negativity and go back to GetUp.

  12. rex freeway says:

    America needs someone with balls such as Abott’s

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