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Sep 14 2018

New York City Declares There Are Legally Three Genders

As stratospheric taxation and a declining quality of life drive out the last sane people, New York continues to go off the rails into an alternate reality consisting of sheer moonbattery. In this reality, the binary gender system seen throughout the natural world no longer applies. The New York City Council has decreed that there are three genders as far as birth certificates are concerned:

The resolution, which passed 41-6, creates a “non-binary” gender option referred to as “X” and received the backing of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

If it is moonbatty, it has de Blasio’s backing.

Council speaker Cory Johnson has been strutting around like peacock, proclaiming this lunacy to be a historic victory on behalf of “human rights.” However, the three Left Coast states as well as New Jersey have already taken comparably bold steps toward utopia by allowing people to become officially nonbinary on their birth certificates.

New Yorkers have been able to do so also, but they have been required to submit documentation from a physician willing to play along with the surreal notion that despite their chromosomes, they are neither male nor female. Thanks to the new legislation, freakazoids born in NYC will only have to submit an affidavit stating that they feel themselves to be neither male nor female and voilà, they are legally nonbinary.

Presumably this entitles them to use whichever restrooms and locker rooms strike their fancy, not that they wouldn’t be able to anyway in a freak show like New York. Whether separate prisons will be constructed to house nonbinary persons remains to be seen. Most likely, nonbinary convicts will opt for women’s prison, like Stephen Wood did.

The other 28 genders that were listed by the NYC Commission on Human Rights await separate legislation.

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