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Jul 07 2020

New York: Soup Kitchens Full, Skyscrapers Empty

Iran needn’t bother with its nuclear weapons program. There is an easier way to destroy American cities. Once liberals have taken charge, just sit back and let events unfold. With quintessential moonbat Bill de Blasio in control, New York is in a tailspin:

The number of shooting victims has gone up 51 per cent to 616 this year. In June alone, there were 250 shootings compared to 97 in the same month last year. Month-on-month, burglaries are up 119 per cent and car thefts up 48 per cent.

Many blame New York’s liberal mayor, Bill de Blasio, who has slashed police funding by $1 billion (£800 million), ended the NYPD’s controversial ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy (which allowed police to stop and search anyone solely on the basis of ‘reasonable suspicion’) and who last week vowed to paint a huge Black Lives Matter sign outside President Trump’s flagship Trump Tower.

Endorsing Black Lives Matter means endorsing the antipolice riots that have helped devastate the city.

Thanks to the cop-hating leftist de Blasio, law enforcement is demoralized and disintegrating. An astounding 272 police officers have applied for retirement in just the past month. Dermot Shea, Commissioner of the New York Police Department, sums up the situation:

“You have a criminal justice system that is imploding. Imploding. That’s the kindest way to put it.”

Have another look at this video of the NYPD retreating before a mob of savages to see the result.

Wuhan coronavirus lockdown hasn’t helped:

With no reliable forecast when tourists might return, up to a third of the city’s small businesses – including 186,000 shops – could fail. Gregg Bishop, commissioner of the city’s Small Business Agency, said: ‘I don’t know if the New York we left will ever come back.’

Even when the virus is behind us, how many tourists will want to subject themselves to what New York has become? It would be like vacationing in Beirut during the 1980s.

Streets once teeming with tourists are virtually empty. Shops and restaurants are boarded up to protect against looters. Hotels are closed. According to one resident: ‘New York has become a place where the soup kitchens are full and skyscrapers are empty.’

I was there on September 11, 2001. That was traumatic, but not a mortal wound.

Back then, Rudy Giuliani was mayor and considered a strong leader. The city was shaken but it was back on its feet in weeks.

De Blasio is no Rudy Giuliani. His misrule constructed a tinderbox. The ChiCom virus and the Black Lives Matter riots set it off.

Notes Joel Kotkin, a former New Yorker and an expert on urban trends,

“Under Mayor de Blasio, conditions were perfect for the pandemic to flourish. … The rich immediately fled to homes in the country or by the beach.

Millennials went home to their parents. That left poor people and immigrants living in incredibly crowded conditions with high levels of poverty and multiple generations in one household. Add to that the [BLM] riots and the protests and New York was a perfect storm of everything that could go wrong – and did.”

It is easy for people to work remotely now. Why would they want to work in the hellhole New York has become?

More than 1.2 million people have lost their jobs, mostly low-paid roles in restaurants and retail.

Those jobs will come back, but not to New York, which has entered end-stage moonbattery and will soon resemble Detroit.

On a tip from Sean C.

2 Responses to “New York: Soup Kitchens Full, Skyscrapers Empty”

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  2. […] women menaced by Persons of Politically Preferred Pigmentation in the lawless hellhole New York has become are not advised to call the police. First, the police probably won’t come […]

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