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Feb 17 2020

New York Squeegee Men Are Back

Liberals are so unable to deal with defeat that they will not concede lost elections even years after the fact. There is no reason for them to take it so hard. When conservatives win, it doesn’t destroy decay, but only holds it off until Democrats are back in power, at which point their “progress” toward total ruin can resume.

A case in point is New York City. Living in Manhattan at the time, I witnessed a miraculous transformation when David Dinkins was replaced by Rudy Giuliani as mayor. A city that had been degenerating into a cesspool became livable again. But only temporarily. Now Bill de Blasio is making up for lost time.

As noted earlier, Grand Central Station has once again become overrun with drug-addled lunatic derelicts. Out on the street, the infamous squeegee men that Giuliani had banished are back:

Overly aggressive window washers were a mainstay of city intersections in the 1980s and 1990s, squirting car windows at stoplights without permission — and at times terrorizing motorists by threatening to break windows or windshield wipers if they didn’t receive a tip.

Giuliani used the windshield cleaners as a symbol of the general disregard for law and order when he took office in 1994 — and made them a focus of his bid to improve the quality of life in the city.

Then-NYPD Commissioner William Bratton deployed New York’s Finest to get the pesky beggars back on the sidewalk.

But under de Blasio, police ignore them or at most shoo them away, knowing that they will immediately return.

“We don’t even arrest people for pissing in the street anymore, why would we arrest a squeegee guy?” a police source griped.

“They know they won’t get arrested, so why wouldn’t they come back?”

Applying the broken windows theory worked miracles under Giuliani. De Blasio has implemented the broken windows theory in reverse.

On tips from Henry B and Varla.

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